Introducing Sister Standage!

Sister Standage
April 3, 2016

This week has been super great! Even though it has been full of LOTS of changes, I'm really enjoying life. (: 

SO! I'm still in Aguilar 2A and my new companion is.. Wait for it.. American! Haha, I know, I was SOOO surprised when I found out. Her name is Sister Standage from Ceder Hills Utah. (: She's super awesome, and obviously AMAZING at Tagalog since she's my companion while I still can't speak it. She's incredibly different from my last companions though.. Sooooo different. Which isn't bad, but we all know I'm not very good with change. She's very strict and very obedient, which is GREAT, but sometimes it's hard for me to have fun with her because I'm more of a go with the flow kind of person. I feel bad, because she seems to get stressed over things she can't control and I don't know how to help her not let those things bother her. But! We get along great, and we're going to work so well together! The work here in little old Aguilar will really be blessed because of her. (:   
Sisters Arquiola, Miller, me, Standage

So! Friday is going to be the best day ever! At 3:00 my investigator Jestoni and his asawa, Heide, will be getting married! Then! At 6:00 Jestoni will be baptized! Then they will continue their wedding day with a reception at 7:00 after his baptism! WOO! Yeah baby! I'm so dang excited for them! Heide is already a member so this is such a great experience for their family! This will be the best civil marriage I have ever been to, because even though it's not in the temple.. They're making the steps to be sealed together as a family for time AND all eternity! It really is exciting stuff! (: 

Also! I did get to watch the General Women's Conference on Saturday! I was worried I would "miss out" on it, because I wouldn't be able to understand it. But let me tell you.. THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL! I understood ALL of it. All of it. Mostly because they actually showed us the English recording, but the gift of tongues is still real. Hahaha! ;D 

It was Sister Standage's 20th birthday on the 2nd. (:
[Looks like she received Dad's Easter package, too]
And this Saturday and Sunday I will get to watch the rest of conference too. I am SO excited to hear from our living Prophet Thomas S. Monson. I testify that He is truly called of God and is The Lord's special instrument here on Earth to help lead and guide ALL of us to Eternal Life. President Thomas S. Monson does not just receive guidance and council for members of The Church, he receives guidance and council for every single person here on the Earth today. I know that with every fiber of my being. The church is true Brothers and Sisters. If you don't believe me, try the gospel for yourself. If you have a problem with paying a full tithe, just try to live it and see what happens; just watch the blessings pour down from Heaven.