Exchanges and Jehovah's Witnesses

4-18-16 (Monday)

I felt so bad about not writing very much for last week so hopefully that will be more motivation to write every day from now on.  

Well, nothing really happened today.  We were only able to teach one lesson because of our early curfew, but that's okay because it was an awesome lesson! We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and it was a really great experience because the questions they asked were something we could answer with the next principle of our lesson.  For example, as we talked about The Atonement and how there's missionary work in the Spirit World for those who didn't follow the doctrine of Christ, Lawrence was like "oh that's good because what about those with disabilities that can't read the Book of Mormon or listen to the missionaries because they're deaf and/or blind!" (we could have talked about how there's multiple ways other people could help them, but that was unnecessary.)  We were able to talk about the Resurrection and how our bodies are perfected.  The timing of their questions were just so perfect!  It was a cool experience for me to see how the gospel really does have all the answers to life's questions.

4-19-16 (Tuesday)

Well...This morning we had District Meeting which was a total party.  I absolutely love the Elders in my Zone!  It's fun to mess around with them like we've been best buds forever.  And...It's nice to be around more men than women sometimes, if you know what I mean.  Haha ;) Not all Sisters are like me and Abby. ;) Anyway..! we also opened exchanges tonight in Manat and I'm excited to spend the day with Sister Naua.  I'd say she's my best friend here in the mission other than Sister Miller.  They're both my best buds :) Yeah...Nothing really happened today because we had District Meeting then had to travel forever to get to the STL's [Sister Training Leader's] house.  But!  We did have an awesome lesson with Nanay Alejandra!  She's been an investigator for a couple months now because of Word of Wisdom problems, but she comes to church almost every week and really does love the way she feels while at church and learning about the gospel.  She's in her 70's though and has a really hard time remembering and understanding the gospel.  So Sister Standage and I decided to reteach all the lessons from the beginning.
Summer is more fun wherever it's
 not a million degrees. (;

So! Today we taught the importance of The Book of Mormon and that we can know the truthfulness of it through prayer.  It was just a great experience for me as I was bearing my testimony about the help and guidance that comes from knowing the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon; because as I was doing that, the Spirit testified to me that what I was testifying was true.  Sometimes the best way to strengthen our testimonies is to simply share it with others. :)

4-20-16 (Wednesday)

Today I was on exchanges with Sister Naua again and it was a total blast! Polynesians are THE BEST ;D  I can see why dad and Pita are best buds. ;) Anyway, today was pretty relaxing for me, which I'm sooo grateful for!  It was nice to not have to lead the area.  We also got to eat McDonald's which is the best thing ever!  Sometimes I just need something other than rice. ;)

4-21-16 (Thursday)

Today went by really fast!  I had to wake up extra early so we could get back to Aguilar before studies at 8:00.  The only thing that helped me wake up early was the fact we were getting McDonald's for breakfast. ;D  Other than that, today was a normal Thursday.  Thursday is weekly planning though...I still don't know how I feel about weekly planning...It's sooo looong!  Luckily it was Sister Standage's turn to lead so I didn't really have to do anything.  ;)  Life really is great!  I don't know why I'm so happy all the time because I'm always so dang tired!:) Somethings just never change...Except one thing!  I finally got the nerve to weigh myself and I've lost 20 pounds exactly.  So...That's pretty cool.  Haha! ;D

4-22-16 ( Friday)

Work today was pretty rough.  We got punted EVERYWHERE!  It was a good day though because it was only 35 C [95 F].  We did have a good lesson with Sister Alejandra today!  She's so cute.  We weren't supposed to visit her again till tomorrow but when we walked by her house she was sitting on her porch reading the Book of Mormon with Jervon (her grandson).  So! we asked her if we could read with her.  She was reading 3 Nephi 11 so it was some great stuff to talk about!  Verse 1 to 10 inspired me to talk about how we don't always understand
 I thought you'd like to see my battle scar. (;
the promptings of the Spirit, but it always feels good.  And if we look to God for help to understand, through exercising faith, we receive that help and understanding we need.  It was a good lesson to testify that if we pray before reading the scriptures we receive a more clear understanding.  It was great :) Also! today I got the biggest blister EVER!  It's probably the size of a nickel right in the middle of my heel.  Oh my mamma it hurts!  I think I'll survive though so don't worry too much ;).

 4-23-16 (Saturday)

Today was such a happy day!  I truly believe my day was so good and happy because for personal study I just read the Book of Mormon.  There truly is power in the Book of Mormon.  I have a sure testimony of that!  Today a group of Jehovah Witnesses OYMd [Open Your Mouth-ed] Sister Standage and I.  It was fun just to listen to what they had to say and what they believe, but then I just had this overwhelming feeling of love for this guy.  It was so heart breaking to see how this man truly believes that Jesus Christ is God and believes in the wrong doctrine and church.  We didn't want to Bible bash so we just showed them we're friendly and walked away after getting to know them a little.  The Devil is so good at deceiving people.  It truly breaks my heart.  On the bright side though, Ceilo told us today while squealing how excited she is for her baptism interview tomorrow!  Oh my word her just coming out and saying that made me SOOO happy!  So!  If she comes to church tomorrow she can have her interview, and if she passes her interview she will be baptized on then 30th! :D

4-24-16 (Sunday)

So...Ceilo didn't come to church today so...Her baptism will be pushed back which is a total bummer, but I suppose I'll survive.  Although I was super bummed, I was able to strengthen my testimony that the Spirit truly is the Comforter.  I was able to stay happy and positive all day, which I'm super grateful for!  Heavenly Father is so mindful. :) 

This week was a great week even though I still can't speak Tagalog yet!  I cannot wait till I can talk to people like I wish I could.  I guess we all just have to take one step at a time. ;)