Happy 20th Birthday!

Sister Tanielu
9-19-16 (Monday)[Happy Birthday!!]
Well.. I’m 20 now.. Blahh.. Haha. Honestly today felt no different from any other day. I mean I got to open my birthday package, got some nice happy birthday texts, and fun emails.. But it just felt like any other day. Which is fine, because every day is a total party here in the Philippines! ;D 

Anyway.. The day started with us Sisters being locked in our house/yard. William (the caretaker) changed the lock to our gate without telling us or giving us a key. Long story short.. we started District Meeting an hour and a half late. Thaaank Yoouu Brother William. ;) The AP’s also came to our District Meeting so that’s fun. They didn’t even know it was my birthday. Grabe yung spirit! [?] I was able to spend some of my birthday with my lolo [grandfather] Elder Raguin. Aaang cuuute! ;) Haha. But for real.. Nothing really noteworthy happened today. 

We taught the D Family again and it’s just so refreshing hearing how grateful they are for the blessings they’re receiving ever since they met us. They truly see the Lord’s hand in their lives now and it’s so fun hearing about how grateful they are for Christ’s gospel. AHHH! I truly feel that I am accomplishing my purpose as a servant of the Lord every time I go to their home. They are 100% the best! :D

9-21-16 (Wednesday)
I don’t know.. not a whole lot happened today. We only had four lessons today because everywhere we didn’t get punted they had a lot to talk about. I truly believe people open up to Sisters more than Elders. Which I say is great! Even if we may not always have a ton of lessons every day, I do know they are quality lessons. Because I really try to help my investigators know I care about them, they open up. And even though our lessons may be longer than most.. At least they’re the ones talking things out so they eventually figure the answer out on their own. And if they don’t.. At least they opened up to me so I can more easily help them/discern their needs. So once again.. I’d say quality is better than quantity. But.. sometimes it’s hard because you know their situation and you want so badly to help them but you just don’t know how to answer/explain like with J, J, J, and J.. They don’t think they’ve received an answer yet, but they have! They don’t realize that the happiness they have while reading and praying and the desire they have to always feel that happiness/feeling is their answer! I want so badly for them to understand na young masarap na pakiramdam na mayroon sila habang ang mga panalangin nila ay ang sagot na hinahanas nila! (Tama ba yung Tagalog ko? ;D) [?]

9-22-16 (Thursday)
Anyway.. Today was good. Weekly planning took five years so we only had a couple of hours to work. But it was so cute today. While asking the P Family how their reading is going they all perked up and said they now all read together and take turns who reads every verse. It was so cute! Little R was like “Yeah, I’ll read a verse then mom reads a verse than I read the next one..” That just made my heart melt! But the best part was when she told me about how last night when her dad came home (who is an investigator still) he was tired from work and just wanted to go to sleep so he wasn’t going to read the Book of Mormon. But because her and Nanay were reading out loud together he ended up listening and asked questions about what was going on in the story! Then R just talked about how happy she was that Tatay ended up listening to her and Nanay reading the Book of Mormon. And Oh. My. Word! I died! What a great experience for the whole family to witness/experience! The testimony of little 11-year old R just might be exactly what Tatay T needs in order to exercise his faith and come to understand the importance of our message, or even religion in general. 

That is one thing I’ve noticed on my mission is how much I love seeing kids setting good examples for their parents. There’s nothing more powerful than a kid’s sincere testimony of what they truly believe to be true. I never expected a little 11-year old help strengthen my testimony of the book of Mormon and how the gospel blesses families. Those cute sweet little tender mercies.. They’re just toooo gooood. ;) (please tell me you read that in the way Goofy would say it on the Extremely Goofy Movie. ;D)

9-23-1 (Friday)
Today was great! Sister Tanielu and I did really good at following the Spirit! It was Awwwesome! We were able to find 5 new very receptive new investigators! YAAASS! Hopefully they’ll continue to be so open to us and the Spirit when we go back to them. (: But as wonderfully spiritual today was.. It was also full of pretty funny experiences. The best one was when this guy I always talk to insisted, once again, that I give him my number so he can give it to his son. I’ve always just told him no and that I personally don’t have a phone; it’s the church’s. But this time I finally asked him why he wants me to talk to his son so bad and he straight up told me he wants me to marry him so he can have FillAm grandkids! I DIED! Not only no, but heck no! He was so funny! He’s all like “No! It’s true! He’s tall and very strong and muscular. Bagay siya say yo.” I honestly couldn’t help but laugh. But I will admit I took advantage of the situation and told this guy I’d be happy to meet his son if Sister Tanielu and I could teach them. Scooore! ;D Hopefully I don’t end up regretting that. (; 

And the rest of the funny awkward stories are just about other boys being awkward and not letting my hand go once I shake their hand. Honestly.. people here really do make me feel beautiful and I really appreciate that I’ve gained better self-confidence on my mission because of it, but when people ask me if I would ever marry a Filipino.. I always tell them it’s possible, but honestly.. I don’t trust Filipinos to actually love ME. I would constantly think they only like me because I’m American and I’m their hope to a better/easier life. So.. No.. No Filipinos for me.
Rada, Tatay Deleon, Tatay's Nanay.. (;

9-24-16 (Saturday)
So to keep you posted on crazy Tatay that wants FilAm grandbabies.. he drove Sister Tanielu and I to Sister Gina’s and well.. He’s still pretty convinced that his son and I are meant to be soul mates. ;D HAHA! WHHYYY!? People really do just speak their minds here. It’s pretty funny actually.. Especially when they’re drunk. ;D 

Anyway.. Today Sister Tanielu and I went to contact some referrals in a part of Pablacion that I’ve never been before and holy cow.. Ayaw talaga ng mga tao doon [do not really like it]. As in! Like.. Freeaaak yo! I honestly never want to go back there. It made me feel like I was with [Elder] Sam [Scott] in San Diego. Kawawa naman siya.. [I feel bad for him] I couldn’t imagine what it would be like in a mission where it’s like that all day everyday. [People were rude and would not let us talk to them.] It really helped me understand some of Sam’s heartfelt/venting emails a lot better. From what I can tell, he’s doing a lot better in California than I ever could. 

But on the bright side.. My night ended perfectly with the happy lesson we had at the D’s! Tatay hasn’t drank coffee for a week now! YAAASSS! He’s now on track with the whole family to be baptized October 15! And man.. I cannot explain how badly I want to be able to see the whole family get baptized together. Honestly. If something happens and they can’t be baptized this transfer and I get transferred.. I will quit my mission so I can stay here until that family enters into the waters of baptism. All I want in my life is to continue to help the D Family make and keep sacred covenants. GAAHH! It’s my biggest prayer that things work out for October 15! The suspense is killing me! AHH! ;)

9-25-16 (Sunday)
Well.. Because today was Tatay D’s birthday they had a lot of family and friends over; and because of that.. They had a lot of cooking to do. Needless to say they weren’t able to make it to church.. So.. Ignore my excitement I had yesterday because now they probably won’t be able to be baptized this transfer. GAAHHH! The world hates me! ;)

Jess, Sister Tanielu, Justin, Dave, Jerome, Ronnie, me, Joy, Jayann, Adrian
But it’s all good because I know they’ll be baptized here sometime soon. As long as they’re baptized, I’ll be happy. (: But even though the D’s didn’t come to church.. we still had TEN ISM’s! And it wasn’t even my birthday! YEEAAAH Baby! ;D This area truly is progressing a million times more than when I got here, so I feel pretty successful. (: 

I don’t know.. I don’t have much to say about today other than it was a good day. But even though today ended nicely.. It was one of those days where I came home for the night and sat down with a sigh of relief. Haha, I’m pretty glad today is over. (; Even though it was a good day.. It was also full of disappointments. Nothing we had planned today happened.. NOTHING. People suck.. (; But it all worked out because we’re friends with our investigators so they let us come over even though it was late at night. (:


9-12-16 (Monday)
Well.. Elder Raguin called.. Sister Diaz is getting transferred tomorrow. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m definitely happy I’m staying here in Binalonan so I can continue helping the D Family prepare for baptism, but I’m lazy and don’t feel like getting to know another companion.. ;D I don’t remember my new companion’s name, but Sister Quijada says she’s super nice and from the Republic of Kiribati [click on link] [pronounced Key-ree-bass according to Kels]. So I’m pretty excited to get to know her. I think I’m secretly hoping she’s not super good at English so I’ll be forced to do better at always speaking Tagalog. I’m sure everything is going to be great, but I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen with this next transfer. Other than that, nothing else crazy happened today. 
Byyye Sisterrr Diaaazz! 

We did teach the D Family today and our lesson was tithing and fast offerings. Not going to lie.. I was a little nervous to teach them that while they’re really struggling financially right now. I knew this was really going to test their faith, and mine for that matter, but once again.. They did not disappoint me! YAAASS! They liked it and agreed that it was the least they could do to repay Heavenly Father for their blessings. It was just awesome and I really enjoyed it. 

Sister Diaz and I also gave the girls some skirts to wear to church that are a little more modest and they loved it! After our lesson they hurried and tried them all on and ran outside to show us before we left. It was so cute! Eliza was like “It’s like I’m a missionary! I need a name tag that says ‘Sister Eliza’.” Oh man, my heart melted. It really made me smile seeing how happy and excited they were to wear their new skirts. (: There’s nothing better than seeing someone appreciate your gift. (: If only people were that appreciative to the gift of Everlasting Life I’ve been trying to give them. ;D

9-13-16 (Tuesday)
Well.. I have a new companion now and holy freak she is beautiful! Sister Tanielu (I still don’t know how to pronounce it so good luck! ;D) [Tan-yell-oo] is just the sweetest! I’m really excited to get to know her better. We’re still in that awkward getting used to the way we each do things, but it’ll be good; I just know it! (: She seems pretty mellow, but I think it’s just because she doesn’t know anyone yet. But even if she is a mellow person.. I’ll be sure to change that. (;

Kiribati is in the upper right half of map
Vanuatu is next to the Coral Sea

Anyway.. I don’t know what to say about today.. Nothing really happened. I spent most of the day waiting for Sister Tanielu to get here but she didn’t get here ‘til like 6:00 p.m. Sister Quijada, Sister Alinton, and I tried to work in our closest area, because we didn’t know when Sister Tanielu would get here, but we didn’t have a whole lot of success. But I did OYM this lady that lived in Louisiana for 30 years so it was pretty nice being able to testify of Christ and His gospel in English. Speaking of English.. Sister Tanielu is actually probably better at English than most people here.. But hopefully I still try my best to always speak Tagalog. But! I’m still happy happy and am excited to get more comfortable with my cute new Kiribati companion. (;

9-14-16 (Wednesday)
THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL! Oh my word! I straight up had conversations today with my investigators. I talked sooo much and loved every second of it! :D Something about me leading the area AND the fact that Sister Tanielu is pretty shy helped me really listen and focus on what people were saying. I got pretty lazy with my Tagalog because I always knew Sister Diaz would answer/reply to people whenever they talked. I guess I really am better at Tagalog than I thought. I mean, I’m far from fluent but I’m good enough for people to understand me. (: 

Anyway.. Sister Quijada got her new companion today, Sister Tokaloio from Vanuatu. She’s so cute. (: Sister Quijada is her follow-up trainer so she’s still pretty new and man.. I remember all too well what it’s like to be in her shoes. When I was first talking to her and getting to know her I just wanted to grab her and hug her and tell her it gets so much easier! Oh man, I feel for her; I really do. 

Birthday Package!
Also.. None of us really know how to cook.. We’re all gonna die! I’m the one that knows the most about cooking but they don’t really have all the ingredients I need here for American food. I can’t just make spaghetti and grilled cheese all the time! I’m trying to lose more weight! Not gain it all back! I have no problem experimenting with foods except for the fact I can’t taste it and make sure it tastes good! GAHH! Mamamatay tayo ianat! ;D 

Work today was great though and I’m grateful I get to lead the area and be more of myself again because I feel more in charge during our lessons. It’s going to be a great transfer, I just know it (:

9-15-16 (Thursday)
I’m so stinkin happy! Oh my heck I love missionary work! I have no idea what happened but I am 100% myself now while speaking Tagalog. I can’t stop talking in lessons! And because I open my mouth more I enjoy our lessons a million times more, because I truly feel the Spirit testifying to people through me. (: Honestly.. I’m so happy right now. I’m so grateful for Sister Tanielu. She’s awesome. I really enjoy being around her. Hopefully she has as much fun with me as I have with her. (: 

Anyway.. we taught Tatay P, and the whole family today the Word of Wisdom. I was incredibly bold and loving with Tatay and man.. I truly believe he accepted the Spirit into his heart. At the end of the lesson I testified that we need to set a good example for our families and used some examples and ended with.. “Tay, do you want little J to follow all the examples you’re setting for him?” I let him ponder that for a bit then we committed then all to live the Word of Wisdom and read 1 Nephi 17:3 [click on link] for their promised blessings and BOOM! We left with an incredible amount of Spirit in their home (and hopefully their hearts) so they could ponder the message we shared with them. 

Then we went to the C and talked about the Book of Mormon and praying and it was really good for me to feel just how strong my testimony really is about the Book of Mormon. AHH! I’m just so happy I finally have confidence talking to people in Tagalog! :D

9-16-16 (Friday)
So many things happened today it was insane! All good things though.. I think.. Haa, I’m not sure. Anyway we were able to go to Capas today to teach the P’s and J but we got there later than usual because we were waiting for J2 to be our trike driver but she ended up bailing on us and just told us she would pick us up later and bring us home. So okay, we went to Capas and taught a lesson to a lady and her daughters I OYM’d before and it was fun testifying to them about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

Then we went to teach J3 and J and ended up being able to teach 3 more of their friends! It was great! Honestly.. I am really comfortable talking/teaching people in Tagalog now. FINALLY! Even though I’m still not very good and I have a lot to improve; I’m at the point where that’s okay.. like.. I’m finally at a good enough point that I can actually be patient with my improvement. But while in our lesson with the Ps, and all them, I could tell how frustrated Sister Tanielu was getting with her Tagalog. I didn’t know how to help her.. I felt so bad because I know how she feels, but honestly she was doing fine. We all understood what she was saying. I don’t know.. It made me realize how grateful I am for my new confidence I now have in my Tagalog because even though Sister Tanielu only has four months left in her mission, she’s still not sure of herself/Tagalog. Hopefully I can help her out. (: 

9-17-16 (Saturday)
Oh man, I just love my Kabahay! Sister Tokaloio and Tanielu actually get my jokes and it’s GLORIOUS! Filipinos honestly just have a very different sense of humor than most people.. I swear. (; 

Anyway.. Not much happened today but it was a good fun day! Honestly.. I have nothing to write about today. It was just a good normal day; not sad, not super spiritual, and/or extra happy. But I will say I really do like Sister Tanielu! She’s the companion I’ve had closest to a normal friend. As of right now.. she’s up there with Sister Cuenca in my book. (: Its just fun talking to her. It’s like talking to an old friend. (: 

ALSO! I ate goat today.. Holy freak.. NEVER AGAIN! I ate one little chunk of meat and was done eating for the rest of my life. The texture.. I don’t even know how to describe it.. It was like eating a super hard thick piece of fat. GAAAG!

9-18-16 (Sunday)
Today scores a 100% AHH! :D Today we had 16 investigators come to church! 16!!! YAAASSS! I’m super happy about that because we had very few lessons this week with it being transfer week and constantly being punted. But! I learned today that quality is better than quantity.. Diba!? (; That is one thing I have noticed with Sister Tanielu as my companion.. I’m really good at building trust and relationship with people. I feel like when we leave a lesson I was able to make new friends and or just become even better buddies. (: But as awesome as I think I am, the real reason we had so many investigators is because my birthday is tomorrow. ;D  So J2 went to go pick up J and J3 in Capas and I told her to stop at the D’s and tell them they have to come to church because it’s my birthday tomorrow. And well.. they did! Ten of them! :D 

Also! Today in Relief Society Sister R was teaching and started talking about tithing/honesty. She ended up saying that you’re still an honest full tithe payer even if you only pay 8 or 9 % as long as your heart truly was there wanting to pay the full 10%. And in my head I was like “Nooooo. That is NOT true!” I mean.. I don’t know what it’s like being a mom and having my own family and bills to take care of, but I do know there are no exceptions to Gods commandments. God always provides a way to accomplish His will. When we receive money/income, we pay tithing before we do anything else with it. Not when its convenient. Anyway.. As Sister R was teaching, I honestly didn’t know what to do. I didn’t feel comfortable with her teaching false doctrine (especially to my recent converts), but I also didn’t know if it was my place to correct her. Something about correcting her in front of everyone was uncomfortable for me, but it was also uncomfortable not doing anything. Luckily Sister J3 spoke up and gently tried to fix what Sister R was teaching. (Thank you J3 for being an RM and able to help me out in times of need/weakness!).

Anyway life is great! Even though I’m turning 20 tomorrow.. I don’t want to be 20.. That’s like the real number where you become an adult because you’re actually out of the teens. (; And we all know I’m not mentally ready to be a real adult just quite yet. ;D But.. I will be honest.. I’m pretty dang excited to open my birthday package tomorrow! It’s been sitting there torturing me for weeks! ;D

“Heavenly Father Truly Loves Us”

Elder Geanga
9-5-16 (Monday)
I have so much to say but so little time! Haha, lagi! [as always] Welcome sa aking buhay. [to my life] ;D Anyway! Today ended pretty great! I had a fun AND spiritually filled day! So! Sister Diaz and I went to Capas to see J1 and J2 with J3 as our fellowshipper and trike driver. But in the middle of our lesson she [J3] got a phone call and said she had to go do something at home real quick (something about her kids) but would come back to get us later and take us to the D’s. Well later came and as we went to visit the D2 family because she still hadn’t come back she texted us saying she couldn’t come back! GAAHHH! What the heck!? She left us in a barangay [neighborhood] like 15 minutes away by trike from bayan! At 7:00 pm! Even though it all worked out I’m still going to beat her! What was she thinking!? But yes that was a bit scary and frustrating because there are very few trikes at night in general let alone far away from bayan [town]. I was a little scared we wouldn’t be able to get home on time let alone to the D’s for our appointment. 

As Sister Diaz and I were walking I kept praying we would get a trike fast and be able to go to the D’s and when we got to the highway/main road I told Sister Diaz we should pray. So.. I said a prayer again that we would quickly get a trike. And well… we all know how mindful Heavenly Father is so maybe 2 minutes after our prayer we were able to get a trike! YESSS! :D And when we got to bayan we went to pay the trike driver but he wouldn’t let us because he was going to bayan anyway! Oh my word. What a dang nice guy! I 100% see that whole experience as a total blessing. I kid you not, as we were walking to the D’s house, I felt such a warm feeling come over my heart. I couldn’t help but say “Heavenly Father truly loves us.” (: 
My District: Elder Reyes, Geanga, Tanner, Baniago, Daquioag
Sister Diaz, Me, Quijada, Alinton

THEN! As we got to the D’s I was a little worried we were loosing them because they just weren’t entirely as welcoming again as they usually are. So as we talked.. They’re just having a really hard time financially. That’s also why they couldn’t make it to church because they had no pamasahe [fare]. And even though it’s a bummer they didn’t make it to church, I was so happy to know that’s why. I’m just thrilled the reason was something other than they just didn’t want to.

It’s just hard seeing how people live their lives here and not being able to exactly help them temporally. I think the transaction [she means “transition” :)] back in America is going to be pretty rough for me.
Jess, Rosemarry, Joy, Sister Diaz

9-6-16 (Tuesday)
I’m on exchanges with the STL’s [Sister Training Leaders] in Villasis.. We’re having too much fun and I know Sister Standage would get mad at me if I stayed up late writing in my journal. But I will say that I had a great day! Our lessons so far this week have been very spiritual for me. 

So! We really did have great lessons today! We kept running out of time though because we had a lot of actual appointments, but had to leave Binalonan by 7:00 in order to get here in Villasis before curfew. But man! Our lessons were so good! Lalo Kay [especially for dad] Tatay F! He had lots of great questions that needed sometime to explain, but of course we would have an awesome lesson completely full of the Spirit with him asking awesome questions but also being stressed because we had two more appointments before we had to leave for Villasis. ;D That would happen to us. The one time we actually have appointments is the one time we actually didn’t get punted everywhere. ;D But no worries! It all worked out! (;
Sister Sanico

Anyways.. Tatay’s question was “why is it after baptism people don’t change?” I LOVED THAT QUESTION! It really got me to think. It made me realize how sacred baptism is when it actually counts in heaven. In our church we make sure the ordinance of baptism is sacred and holy. Not just a casual thing. And one way we do that is by making sure people change before their baptism; through faith unto repentance. We need to change our hearts before we can be baptized, not just think because we got baptized “we’re all good now” or “I’ll be different once I come out of the water.” It takes repentance unto baptism not the other way around. So.. Atta boy Tatay! I was the one that was supposed to ask thinking questions.. But nooo..! You had to show me up! (;

9-7-16 (Wednesday)
I had such a great day! It went by sooo fast! I don’t know.. something about not worrying about stats really makes the day more enjoyable.. Anyways.. (; I really did have a lot of fun with Sister Sanico. I feel like our personalities are a lot alike. Although the whole day was spiritual and fun, my favorite part was the insight I realized during companion study. As Sister Sanico and I were reading the White Handbook we read about leaders and their responsibilities. So! We always talk about what we like about what we just read and I shared that like how leaders need to lovingly correct people. Then! Sister Sanico said something about how we’re the leader of our own selves. And BOOM! With what I shared and then having her say that it hit me right in the face that I need to lovingly correct my own self. LOVINGLY is the key word there. I don’t know man, but whatever happened this morning really helped me realize I need to be nice to myself. I need to lovingly correct myself so I can happily and excitedly work/strive to be better. (:

9-8-16 (Thursday)
Well.. Even though I kind of wanted to train again I didn’t get called this week so now I’m still waiting to find out what’s going to happen with next transfer. The suspense is killing me! (; So pretty much I’m all good with whatever! Hopefully I’ll stay that way when/if things get switched up. (:

Anyway.. I finally read some of mom’s email today and it just made me smile and giggle a whole lot. I didn’t get to finish it yet, but man.. It made me realize I really am excited to hangout with her again when I get home. (: 

As for work.. We got to teach the D Family again; which of course is my favorite! Little T prayed for the first time which was so cute! I’m proud of him. (; Tatay B has also stopped smoking. 

9-9-16 (Friday)
Today was just a good easy going happy day for me. (: It wasn’t the best day for work but I didn’t care at all about the stats. I was having fun doing what I knew to be our best. And honestly.. That’s all that matters. I shouldn’t be scared or embarrassed to text our stats to the leaders. As long as we worked hard we shouldn’t be worried about what the leaders say. Of course we’ll try harder and harder every day, but all that matters is that we worked hard that day. Because Heavenly Father knows we worked hard even if our stats don’t say so and that is all that matters. (: 

9-11-16 (Sunday)
We had 9 investigators come to church today! YAAASS! I’d call that success. (; The D’s came (minus T because he wanted to play with his friends.. stinker..) and so did J! Honestly.. I was just so happy at church today. (: Even Tatay P came to church with the fam. And we always teach him on Thursdays and Sundays so I was excited to go teach him today after church. 

Sister C asked a lot of deep questions for not really growing up in the gospel, and I was able to help her out no problem because I also have deep questions and was raised by very spiritually knowledgeable parents that helped me learn enough through my life to know how to carefully address Sister C’s questions about worthiness/repentance/Celestial kingdom. I don’t know.. Me having deep questions was actually a helpful tool for me today! Woo! (; 

Also.. I really, really like Sister Diaz and don’t want either of us to be transferred. I don’t feel like getting to know another companion right now.. Haa.

Ups and Downs

8-29-16 (Monday)
Today was such a good day! I just had a lot of fun throughout the whole day. (: I love P-Days. I really do. I love getting to email home and hear from my family. I’m excited to see them again. (: 

Elder Paz, Elder Budge, and Elder Kofe
sa likod [in the back]. Haha. (: 
Work today was also super fun! We had a dinner appointment at the D’s because J’s little boy turned 8 months today. I don’t know why, but people here have a party every month until the baby actually turns one years old. But whatever, I’m not complaining.. I got free food. (; We weren’t able to teach them but it ended up okay because we were able to build lots of trust and relationship with them. (: 

But the best of all was teaching the D2 Family! We asked how church was and they all went crazy about how good they felt. They’re already excited for next week! AHH! And R was excited to tell us she read the Book of Mormon. AND! They have all stopped drinking coffee. The only thing left now is Tatay and his addiction to cigarettes. His desire is there. He just needs to have faith in the help God is trying to give him and he’ll be able to quit smoking in no time. (: 

I also printed some Book of Mormon chapters in a big front for Brother B and Sister G to be able to read, which will hopefully be helpful for them. I know there’s power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon! I can’t wait to see their faith grow together as a family! I just love them so dang much and will not ever be happier than the day I see them all get baptized together. (:

8-30-16 (Tuesday)
So.. Yesterday in Sam’s letter [a friend serving in San Diego] he told me that the Filipino Sister in his District told him missionaries in the Philippines are super disobedient and that the Urdaneta Mission might be the most disobedient. He asked me if that was true and I just told him every missionary has their weaknesses, but no.. I don’t think we’re disobedient. But this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about that! I went a little “momma bear” over it while telling sister Diaz and Sister Quijada ;D Like.. I honestly love it here so much it was like knowing someone was talking bad about my child! Haha! I’m pathetic! ;D 

Anyway.. Sister Diaz and I were able to teach 9 lessons today which I am just very proud of. I’d say we did pretty good today and that we’re getting better at weekly planning. (: 

My best friend Kevin Castro. (;
and Sister Diaz
8-31-16 (Wednesday)
Tatay D2 only smoked twice today! :D He has gone from [fade out] (NOOO! My forest green pen just died on me.. I’m pretty sure that’s the first pen I have ever used all the ink my entire life. I can’t decide if I’m sad it died or if I’m proud I was able to use all the ink in a pen. Haha! ;D)

Tatay has gone from smoking an entire pack every single day to two cigarettes a day within 2 weeks! He is doing so good! When Tatay told us that, I about lost it I was so dang happy! I testified of the blessings he will receive because of his faithful diligence and told him he’ll be able to be baptized this year. I truly do believe they’ll all be baptized in October. (:

Also! When we first got there, G was all excited to show us the new white button-up church shirt she bought for Brother B. They’re pretty excited for church again. (: 

Also.. I found out Tatay B’s birthday is the same as Fuzzy’s [a close friend from Tooele] so I’m pretty excited to celebrate with him. The transfer does end on the 14th though and I’m so scared. I don’t want to get transferred right before my birthday [Sept. 19th]. I want to be able to celebrate with people I know, not people I just barely met. But mostly I want to be able to be here for the D2 Family’s baptisms.

9-1-16 (Thursday)
Today was an awesome day that went by really fast actually, but it was more of a thoughtful day than an eventful day. I mean, it was an eventful day with 6 lessons AND weekly planning.. But I was pondering life a bit more than usual today. Everyone tells me I’m a deep thinker, but I never realized that till my mission.

Anyway.. Today I asked P how long it took him to stop smoking before he was baptized, with Brother B in mind.. And well.. I learned a LOT more about P than I expected. I couldn’t help but smile at how much the Atonement has helped him change. The Atonement of Jesus Christ will help anyone and everyone if we simply open our hearts and desire to change. We simply just need faith in Jesus Christ and that will eventually lead us to eternal happiness. (: 
The Pablo Family

Also! I got a package from the Annis Ward AND my birthday package from mom and dad today! I cannot wait to open them! :D

9-2-16 (Friday)
I met and taught Jesus today! It’s true! I shook his hand and everything. (; And in return.. he helped us get 2 new referrals AND taught me how to play Pak-Ganern! ;D

9-3-16 (Saturday)
This morning I opened my package from the Annis Relief Society and found a giant burst of sunshine! ;D [the whole package was yellow] But dang.. Butterfingers.. I haven’t had one of those in forever! Oh man, it was a glorious party in my mouth. That’s all I can say. Haha! Although the Butterfinger was pretty great, I have to say my favorite part was my letter from Shaundel Scott. I don’t know, it was just nice to read a letter from one of my best friend’s mom and feel like I was actually reading a letter from my best friend. (: In her letter she sent me a picture of one of the “KELSEY”s written on the butte and man.. That just made me giggle with a big ole’ smile! That sure brought back a lot of fun memories. (:

Anyway.. Work today was fun and went by really fast, but man..  I got a little more frustrated with the language than usual today.. I just want so badly to be able to express the feelings of my heart! But as frustrated I was with the language.. Today was great and P, J, and G all worked with us this evening so that was nice. (:

Also! Tatay D2 didn’t smoke at all today or yesterday! YAAASS! But.. I guess him stopping so quickly made him have an asthma attack or something like that.. That was hard for me to hear.. I didn’t know what to say to that.. All this time we have been promising him health and strength if he stops smoking and he did.. But had different health problems come up. All we could do was promise the Lord is mindful of him and that in the long run him quitting smoking will all be worth it. 

9-4-16 (Sunday)
I’m a little confused.. Sister Diaz and I taught so many lessons this week and really did a good job at trying to reach the mission’s Stand of Excellence but today none of our investigators came to church. BAAAKIIT!? [Whyyyy!?] 

The Deleon Family
I’m not sure why the D2 Family didn’t come, but I sure hope it’s not because tatay had an asthma attack while trying to do what we told him would help him be healthier/feel the Spirit more abundantly. I don’t want to lose this family! I’ll be so incredibly heart broken if we lose them and their desire. 

BUUUT! On the bright side, Sister Diaz and I fixed the typewriter that’s been in our apartment for who knows how long and you can bet your butt we’re having fun with it! ;D