"It is sooo hot ALLL the time!"

April 17, 2016

So...This week was literally the most exhausting week of my entire life! Sister Standage and I work so hard together; which is GREAT! But...I came home every night wanting to die. And why is that?  Because it is so stinkin' HOT!  Lets just say I have a lot more sympathy for those going to Hell...It inspires me to become a better missionary so less people have to live in the fiery depths of Hell! Hahaha!  It is sooo hot ALLL the time! (;

4-13-16 (Wednesday)
Finding one of these was literally number one
 on my bucket list here. I about died! :D
I feel like nothing really happened today.  I mean it was a good day, but not super eventful.  Although today was great and all, it's so hard to not get upset or sad when people don't exercise their faith. It's so hard to see people continually reject the happiness that comes from living this gospel. But then I realize that I can't get upset because I don't always exercise my faith when I feel inadequate speaking Tagalog.  I still have a hard time saying very much in lessons because I feel like what I'm trying to teach them is something they need to actually understand.  So...Sister Standage does most of the teaching and I do most of the testifying. (;  On the bright side though, I'm really starting to understand most of the things people say.  I mean I don't understand enough yet, but instead of asking Sister Standage "so...what did they say?" after our lessons, I can ask more specific questions like..."so what did they say bout this?"  So yeah...that's my success for the day.  Haha!  I'm pathetic I know. (;

Mom.. I'm so sorry I didn't write every night this week. I just come home SOOOOO tired and end up running out of time to write in my journal and write you. Plus.. This week wasn't exactly my favorite. It's so hot here I can't sleep very well at night so I always wake up super tired and that leads to being grumpy. But usually after studies I cheered up quite a bit, so that's been a good testimony builder on the power and happiness that comes from reading The Book of Mormon. I'm sorry this week's letter is lame.. If it makes you feel any better my journal entries were pretty short and lame too because nothing really happened this week.

I love and miss you two SO MUCH. Thanks for all love and support you give me. And thanks dad for all the stuff to study!