Jestoni and Heidie Get Married!

April 11, 2016

**Last week I suggested that she write a little each night after she writes in her journal so she can have more time on her p-day to do what she needs/wants to do and we get a longer letter ;)**

[How long has your companion been on mission? What did she do at home?] She's been on her mission for 10 months. She went to BYU before her mission and that's all I really know.. Haha. But she does play the piano.. 

4-4-16 (Monday)
I think it's a great idea to write you like a journal for 2 reasons! 1! I love that that's how you and dad write me!  It's my favorite thing ever reading about your whole week!  And it's fun to read the commentary of your week from two points of view. haha ;) 2! I'll be able to spend less time typing my letter to you and actually be able to write my friends back :) 

Anyway! I had an awesome p-day!  I just felt so relaxed even though we spent most of the day in Mangatarem shopping.  We only had one lesson, but that's okay because it was with Jestoni and he's the best. ;)
Me, Heidie, Justoni, Sister Standage

After that lesson we had a dinner appointment with our Branch President, President Dariano.  I really enjoyed that because 1. Food was involved and 2. It's really good language study for me to listen to people's conversations without having to worry about answering.

4-5-15 (Tuesday)
Today we had Zone Training which is always fun.  I really like getting to talk with other people and make lots of friends.  I really like the Elders from New Zealand.  They always come and talk to me like we've been best buds forever, so it's really easy to have lots of fun with them.  Also...our Zone Leaders announced that President Deyro says we can't listen to music anymore...AHH! Of course he says that like three days after I got your super awesome flash drive of wonderful songs! I'm a little upset about it, but I'm trying to follow the example of Nephi and ask "how" to accomplish/obey things not "why." (1 Nephi 17: 8-9).  

Also! Today has been so dang stressful because President Desesto, the District President, told Sister Standage and I none of the Branch Presidents have current marriage licenses for Jestoni and Heidie's wedding on Friday! GAHH!  President assured us everything was all good to go for Friday, but nooo...So today Sister Standage and I had to do some calling around to other District Presidents in different zones and their licences are all expired too...After hours of worrying about it we finally talked to President Desesto and he said he'd deal with it.  I REALLY hope he can figure something out since he's the one that approved everything in the first place!

4-6-16 (Wednesday)
So. Nothing really happened today.  I'd say the most note worthy thing is that the power was out ALL day.  Luckily it came back on by the time we had to come home so we could use our fan.  Oh man...It is SOOO HOT HERE!  Summer has definitely arrived!  It's like 40 C... which I believe is 104 F on a GOOD day!  I think I might die...luckily summer time means it's mango season so that makes it all worth it!  Haha! ;D I really like mangoes though.  I don't know if they taste different from the ones in America or not, but they are super yummy and fresh here.  Funny story though..  The first time I ate one here, I took a nice big bite of the middle slice and to my surprise mangoes have GIANT seeds!  I honestly had no idea! :D I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to live that down. ;) Yeah.. Sorry, nothing really happened today but it was a happy hard working day and that's all that matters! :)

4-7-16 (Thursday)
So! President Desesto texted us this morning and told us the Lingayen Stake President can marry Jestoni and Heidie tonight in Lingayen... so he did!  Woo!  I'm so incredibly happy everything worked out so Jestoni can still be baptized tomorrow! :D  We weren't able to go to the wedding because it was outside our area which was a bummer!  But!  They're still having their "wedding" tomorrow here in Aguilar so they can have a wedding with all their family and friends.  Then after that Jestoni will be baptized then they'll have their reception!  Woo!  It's going to be an awesome day!  Anyway.  Today was good and we found some very potential investigators.  I'll keep you posted. ;)

4-9-16 (Saturday)
[How was conference?  What stood out to you the most?] We got to watch conference today which was awesome, of course!  I really liked Elder Steven E. Snow's talk on humility for two reasons!  First: The Christlike attribute I've been working on my whole mission this far is humility.  I'm really trying to show my trust in the Lord by opening my mouth even though I'm not good at Tagalog.  I need to have more trust and faith in His promise to me that my mouth will be filled.  And of course I need to be better at giving all the credit of my success to Heavenly Father.  Everything I'm good at is because it is a gift from Him.  Second: I was intrigued by his story about his son that had a brain accident too.  Heavenly Father truly is mindful of His children :)  I KNOW we are ALL children of God.  There's no doubt in my mind.  If you don't believe that, go straight to the source and ask if He is there and if we are really His sons and daughters.  I promise if you show the desire to know by acting on that particle of faith to pray and ask Heavenly Father, you will fill an overwhelming abundance of love testifying that the answer is yes.

4-10-16 (Sunday)
General Conference was awesome today!  I really enjoyed Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk about having opposition in all things.  It really made me ponder on a lot of things in life.  I actually didn't even really listen to his talk past the first few sentences because my mind was flooded with insights and questions.  Long story short...I have lots of things to study during personal study this week!