Happy Easter!

March 27, 2016

So.. This week was great, and all but nothing really happened. It was a pretty chill week because my companion was having a really hard time with having to go home so she was very emotional. Long story short, we only worked for two days this week. But! One day we did get to go to Urdaneta for the career workshop all the departing missionaries have. While Sister Cuenca was in her workshop I got to work with the Sisters in the Urdaneta Zone! Woo! I LOVED IT! 1. Because I actually got to work. 2. My temporary companion was SO fun and SO kind. 3. She's from Bountiful Utah so we got to talk about China Platter. ;D Her name is Sister Strohn and she is just a great person to be around. She was also able to give me lots of advice with learning the language which I always appreciate. But! What was nice about it was the advice she gave me was mostly the things I do, like reading The Book of Mormon in Tagalog and ALWAYS praying in Tagalog even if it's a personal prayer. I wonder if Heavenly Father ever laughs at my prayers because I'm sure they're pretty funny. (; 

Sister Cuenca never lets me give the companionship prayer at night because I always take too long.. Haha, I can't help that I have lots of things to be thankful for, people to pray for, and many, many things we need help with, and have to say it in a language I can't speak! ;D

Anyway, Easter celebration honestly wasn't anything special. Other than the extra thoughts about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, nothing was different except we got a hard boiled egg after Relief Society. Haha. The lessons in Church weren't even specifically about The Atonement. I would say they weren't about The Atonement, but everything anyone could ever talk about in life is related to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Everything we have and are is because of The Atonement of Jesus Christ. During the Christmas Devotional we watched in the MTC, Elder David A. Bednar said "the light of Christ literally saves our lives." Man.. I have never forgot the sentence since the moment I heard it. I want all of you to ponder that sentence thinking about how "the light of Christ" relates to Christ's birth, life, and Atonement. Then! Email me about your thoughts, feelings, enlightenment, and promptings about it. (: 
Bye Sister Cuenca.. D;

Also.. CONGRATULATIONS TO FUZZY [Alejandra Monson]! We all knew she would be the first one married. Kellie Heder and I were totally right. We'll see how good we really were if I'm next. (; Who knew little sixth grade us were so inspired. Haha. (;  

I love you all SOOOO much! Sorry if I don't write you all back.. I will one week, PROMISE! I just don't have enough time to write everyone every week. 

Mahal ko kayo lahat! :D [I love you all!]

In celebration of Fuzzy being engaged.. Here's a picture of my investigator Alejandra and her grandson Jervon. (: