Relentless Week in Aguilar

We had a giant water fight and it was SO fun!
But mostly it was just nice to get wet
 since it's so dang hot here. (; 
4-25-16 (Monday)

Today was such a fun yet relaxing day! I LOVED IT!  We had zone training this morning, since it's relentless week, that was super fun as usual...I love getting to "hangout" with other people.  Being with the same person all day everyday is great and all but it's nice to have someone else to talk to every once-in-a while. (;

Then after training we emailed, ate lunch, then shopped.  Woo! When we got home I should have done laundry, but I had 0 motivation.  (;  Anyway...Today was great and I loved every second of it! (:

4-26-16 (Tuesday)

Today was a good day.  It was an okay day, but it was a happy day, so that makes it a good day. Diba? Haha! (;  We had apartment checks today which I always find pretty awkward.  Something about having my Zone Leaders check all my stuff and how clean things are is just a bit weird for me.  Luckily I like my Zone Leaders and we're buds so it makes it less awkward.  Yeah...We had a lot of lessons today which is pretty awesome, but I feel like they could have been a lot better.  But we do have 2 new investigators now which is great of course!

4-27-16 (Wednesday)

So...I feel like absolutely nothing happened today.  But!  It was a good day because it was only 38 C. [100.4 F] (;  When it's that cool it makes the fact that we have to go hiking up the mountain to get our investigators a lot more enjoyable. Haha, I'm not joking, we go hiking up a mountain EVERYDAY! I come home every night so exhausted, but I'm grateful because I sleep sooo good at night! ;D  

Also!  I ate tofu for the first time ever!  I had no idea till after I ate a bunch of it. I thought it was just some weird chunks of pork. But then Nanay Villanueva was like "do you like the tofu!?"  Haha, when I found out it was tofu it made the texture a million times better! (;  So I learned today that I like tofu ;D

4-28-16 (Thursday)

Today I had to lead weekly planning...I hate weekly planning...It takes sooo long!  But today I did learn that it goes by a lot faster when you have to lead.  Because when you don't lead you literally just sit there for two hours.  
I feel like this picture perfectly describes my life. ;D

Anyway...! Today it poured rain for like 45 minutes and it was the most exciting thing ever!  It was so fun for me!  And the thunder here is SO loud and powerful.  It's actually kind of scary, but that just makes working in the rain even more of an adventure. (: 

We also taught a lesson today to a man and his wife that was super wonderful.
Brother Lomlao's brother passed away yesterday so it was such a spiritual experience for me to be able to teach them about the Plan of Salvation.  It was such a testimony builder for me to understand that this gospel truly has all the answers to life's questions.  The gospel of Jesus Christ truly is perfect.  I know, without a doubt in my mind, we can all find hope, comfort, and strength in all the blessings that come from the Atonement of Jesus Christ 

4-29-16 (Friday)
Sisters Arquiola and Miller 
Today we had the Blitz in our area.  I don't know if I've ever told you about it, but that's when our whole District works in one area proselyting from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  I'm really grateful Elder Smith (my District Leader) chose our area for the Blitz this transfer.  I feel like Sister Standage and I needed some help in our area.  None of our investigators are progressing except for one.  I'm confident that the extra help today will really help us get some investigators to church this week which will be AWESOME! (:  Life is great and I love all the things I'm learning as a missionary

4-30-16 (Saturday)

Today ended up being great!  This morning was pretty rough emotionally.  I just had 0 motivation or desire to work.  But after our 20 lesson with Shaniqa I cheered up a bit!  She's the brightest 9-year old ever.  After her lesson we walked by Nanay Alejandra's house and saw her reading the Book of Mormon on her porch again. Oh my word , that made me so happy my heart was hurting. ;)  She's the best.

We also had a lesson with Brother Jovensio today and he is so funny!  He's so addicted to coffee and doesn't realize it because "he only drinks it once a day, not multiple times a day."  He's just so funny and defensive about it!  Like today he opened up the Word of Wisdom pamphlet and pointed at the picture of all the good foods we're supposed to eat, specifically at the piles of beans and yelled "coffee's a bean!" Haha!  I about died!  It was sooo funny!  Hopefully one day he'll give up coffee.  But!  He did promise he'll come to church tomorrow so hopefully that will happen too. (;

5-1-16 (Sunday)

Woo!  I've been in Aguilar for 4 whole months now!  Anyway...This morning I was sooo irritated with everything.  Today  Cielo was scheduled to have her baptismal interview, but this morning Sister Standage and I woke up frustrated about her situation.  It's hard for Ciela to come to church on her own as an 11-year old.  She didn't come to church so she obviously couldn't have her interview.

I was also able to cheer up quite a bit because Brother Jovensio came to Sacrament meeting because he "made a promise he would come."  That makes me pretty happy he kept his promise.  I'm excited to hear what his thoughts were about church.  

Also!  Today Brother Ryan passed the Sacrament for the first time and that just made my heart melt.  My little RC is becoming a man. ;D Also!  Ulit...! A lot of the time it lightnings (I'm not sure if that's a word or not. Haha), but there's NO thunder?  It's kind of creepy...But it's pretty cool. ;D 

Also! The highlight of my week was eating Cinci [Skyline] chili! NO JOKE! There's an American guy that's married to one of our members and he makes Cincinnati chilli! I loved it because I knew you were in Cincinnati at the time. It was exciting. (;

Aguilar Zone Baby!
Elders Smith, Garate, Apor, Gabriel, Lomax, Dixon, Key, Baniago, Raguin
Elders Barrancco, Fiel, me, Sisters Standage, Arquiola, Miller, Elders Emit, Deva