Ryan's Baptism

March 6, 2016

[How was the baptism?] Ryan's baptism was absolutely wonderful! It was super exciting just to see how excited he was. When I walked into the church seeing him sitting next to his wife, Fatima, in his white jumpsuit while holding his little two-year old, Bambam, I about died. I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness for this family. 

Me, Ryan, Sister Cuenca
Ryan and Fatima are so excited to be able to be sealed as a family next year! I'm telling you, the experiences I've had helping Ryan come unto Christ are exactly what missionary work is all about! I love being worthy enough to be a servant of the Lord. I've never experienced happiness like I do here before my mission. Man, life is SOOO good! (:

[How many missionaries are in your district? zone?] Anyway! I'm actually in the smallest zone in the mission area wise (I don't know about missionary wise). There's two Districts. Mine has four companion ships; two Sisters and two Elders. The other District has four Elder companionship's as well.

[What are your mission goals? and Standard of Excellence?] Our mission goal is to baptize every week. The Standards of Excellence are 18 lessons with investigators; 5 with a member present, 7 lessons with Less Actives/Recent Converts, 7 Member Visits, and of course baptize every week. 

So! Life is so great! I'm staying super happy! It's been interesting though with Sister Cuenca because I'm still super new sa [on] mission field and this is her last transfer. She's been struggling a bit with knowing she's going home this month. I wish I could help cheer her up better, but I don't exactly know how to help her very well considering we're on completely opposite sides of the scale. But! I'm very lucky she's still very diligent and likes to work. I'm honestly going to miss her a lot.. It's hard knowing that I'll have ANOTHER new companion. Before I start my third transfer I will have my FOURTH Trainer! I should still be on my first like most people. Grabe! [Seriously!] I'm not used to so much change. I need some stability in my life. (;