Tagalog, Tracting, Transfers

March 20, 2016

Sister Naua
[Did you have an extra week in this transfer?] Yes, this transfer has 7 weeks because of the change in the MTC. If you're not learning a new language for your mission you go to the MTC for 3 weeks now instead of 2. [Transfers are next week]

[On a scale from 1 - 10, how is your Tagalog? 1 being day one in the MTC and 10 being fluent enough you don't even need to think about it.] I'd say my Tagalog is about a 4.. I still can't speak in the proper grammar or use all Tagalog words in a sentence. I also haven't even reached the point I can understand people yet. I can tell I have definitely improved on understanding people, but it's still REALLLY hard to figure out what they're saying; especially if it's a random story about their lives, then I have pretty much no idea what they're saying. Haha. It's a bit awkward asking someone a question and not being able to understand their answer. ;D But I'm noticing my improvement which is a blessing because it helps me not be discouraged. (: 

Sister Emily and her investigators
[What effort is your mission taking for the #Hallelujah initiative?] The Easter Initiative is AWESOME! It is truly an inspired initiative from God. The mission isn't doing anything specific. We are doing it more as a companionship or kabahay [roomate] thing. There are some districts doing big things together, but not mine. 

The Lingayen zone is doing a photo booth thing on the beach which sounds like a good way to catch people's attention. As for my district, we're just using the pass along cards and we come up with something special to do as a companionship. So last week Sister Cuenca and I just took our little DVD player with us while we worked and showed the Mormon Message type video in our lessons. As simple as that is, it helps A TON! People love getting to watch a little video, but it also brings the spirit SO strongly. I know that there have been a lot of seeds planted just because of a simple video about the blessings of following Jesus Christ.   

[Do you tract? knock on doors?] We don't really call it tracting, but I'd say we kind of do. We just talk to the people out on the streets or sitting outside in their yard and if they aren't busy we ask to share a message and end up getting new investigators that way. But most of the time we have so many investigators and referrals we don't spend time just tracting. We only really tract as we walk to an investigators house. 

[What is your daily schedule?] Anyway! We wake up at 6:30 and have kabahay prayer so we can all make sure both companionship's are up on time. Then we're supposed to exercise till 7:00 and we all know that doesn't happen very often.. ;D I've learned that I purposely make my personal morning prayers SUPER long so I have an excuse for not doing sit ups or push ups. (; Then we get ready for the day and start personal study at 8:00 then companionship study at 9:00 and then when we finish with companionship study we do my training program till 11:00. Then we make lunch and then of course eat it. Then we are to work by 1:00. (: Then we work till about 7:30 so we can be back home before 8:00. Then when we get home for the night we do daily planning for the next day, update the area book, do laundry (if I feel like it, which isn't very often.. So I usually wait till it's an absolute need ;D), write in my journal, shower again, then get ready for bed. But of course there's lots of partying in between all of that. (; 

I found the secret to helping me not eat a lot..
Something about staring at the head of what I'm eating doesn't make me very hungry. ;D