Fall 2016 General Conference

(10-3-16) Monday
Today was AWESOME! It was probably one of my favorite p-day’s ever! Sister Tanielu and I went to go hangout with J, J2, and all them in Capas and man.. we sure know how to party. ;D We all went to the Palangke [marketplace] together and bought stuff to make pansit canton [canton noodles] which was a total party! Then we all came back and hung out while cooking. 

Here's my new journal. Fancy huh? (; 
Then we ate all together and were able to teach them a lesson about following the prophet and invite them all to attend General Conference in Urdaneta. It was great! But! The best part was that we were able to have “FHE” at J2’ house (because that’s where we cooked) and build trust and relationship with his parents! We were even able to teach them too, and Tatay said he wants to come to church. (Tatay was supposed to come to church yesterday with M and A, but he didn’t come, for some reason that I do not know) so hopefully we can continue to teach J2’ parents with him. 

Sister Tanielu and I also taught R by himself today which was very needed. It was good for both of us to see/hear/feel that he has a real desire to understand/know what it is and why we want to be missionaries. He really does want something new in his life. So we finally extended a baptismal date to him and he accepted it!

10-4-16 (Tuesday)
I REEEALLY love teaching M, A, and L! It’s so refreshing teaching 3 very receptive older men. This is no joke for them. They truly realize they’re missing something in their lives, so they listen very intently and really seem to enjoy the principles we testify of. 

But as awesome as today was I came home a little grumpy because Sister Tanielu and I ended up spending like two hours trying to find/get the keys to the chapel for Zone interviews tomorrow. I don’t know.. I just was a little bummed because I knew we could have had two more lessons today if we didn’t have to fetch the dang church keys.

10-5-16 (Wednesday)
Haa! So we got a call from the Zone Leaders this morning telling us we were actually going to have Zone Interviews in Urdaneta. So.. you mean to tell me we literally wasted hours of work yesterday FOR NOTHING!? Gaaahhhh! Haha, life. (; But it’s all good because it’s always fun going to Urdaneta. (:

So my interview with President was just a fun time. I love being able to joke around with people in a language I actually understand. (; But I must say, my favorite part of our interview was when President Deyro laughed at the fact I told Heavenly Father I was grateful for Aircon that keeps us cool. Haha, I just told him that it was something I was truly grateful for and I was just talking to my Father in Heaven like I would my dad here on Earth. I don’t know.. My prayers are always like that. I let Heavenly Father know what I am truly grateful for so I can ask very specific questions in hopes of getting specific answers. 

I honestly don't know anyone's names.. 
President was also surprised to know I didn’t have any questions for him. Haa, I’d say I’m progressing pretty smoothly in life right now; which is great! (: I’m just so excited to see what the future holds for me. I hope I stay this happy forever. (:

10-6-16 (Thursday)
I honestly don’t know what to say about today. I feel like nothing really happened. But it was a happy day! Even though we had weekly planning… ;D  But I do have to admit my favorite part of the day was during companionship inventory. 

Sister Tanielu told me how much she loves when I recite The First Vision in lessons. Man.. As simple as her compliment was it just made my whole day! (: She just told me the speed, volume, facial expressions, and power while I recite it is perfect. Honestly, that just makes me so happy. (: Because Joseph Smith’s First Vision is truly and incredibly a powerful and sacred experience for me. It just makes me happy that Sister Tanielu sees just how close to my heart I hold the First Vision. Because without my testimony of Joseph Smith.. I don’t think I would be converted to Christ even a fraction that I am now; if I didn’t have the powerful witness that I received through the Holy Ghost while sitting in Sacrament meeting one Sunday. (: And because of that! I have a very strong testimony of revelation through Sacrament attendance. So.. Go to church kids. (; Huwag kayo pumasok sa eskwelahan.. Magsimba na tang maga bata! ;D

10-7-16 (Friday)
Today was probably the first day I’ve actually gotten mad while on my mission. So R, J3, and J4 took Sister Tanielu and I to their Sister-in-law’s sister’s house..? (I’m not sure how exactly their related, but they’re somehow relatives) And the husband we were talking to and trying to teach was the most disrespectful and rude person I have ever met. His sense of humor was not okay with me.  It took all I had not to chew him out or even punch him. I had so much to say to him. So while everyone was laughing, of course Sister Tanielu and I weren’t, the stupid brother was like “it’s just a joke, Sister. Lighten up.” All I could say was “yeah sure, maybe it was just a joke but I didn’t find it funny.” I was so freakin’ mad at everyone! I’M NOT A TOY! I finally had to stare R in the eye and tell him we’re leaving. 

...But this is my zone.
So after we prayed with the other man that was there that we were actually able to teach, we all started walking to R’s trike. And as we got outside there was another guy there that was incredibly drunk. And of course “he thinks I’m the sexiest and most beautiful thing he has ever seen and really wants to court me.” I’m not kidding. I have never felt so mistreated, disrespected, and disgusted in my entire life. I just wanted to run away, crawl under a rock, and cry. I was so disappointed with everyone. Luckily Sister Tanielu was there for me and we were able to talk about how angry we were together. But I kid you not. It took me hours to cool down. I will NEVER go back there in any of the eternities! NEVER EVER! GAAAAAAHHHH! 

6-8-16 (Saturday)
Today was great! We got to go to Urdaneta to watch General Conference which was absolutely wonderful! Like.. It’s crazy how fast two hours went by. I remember growing up and never thinking Conference would end, but now I wish it really wouldn’t ever end! I love listening to the revelations our General Authorities received just for us at this specific time of life. I loved how well everyone seemed to point out just how important it is to pray with real intent. 
We need to really pray, not just say a prayer. And that is what the difference is between pagdarasal [prayer] and panalangin [prayer]. Ponder that for a while. (; 

But what made today even better was that 3 of our investigators came to General Conference with us. (: R, J2, and J5.. They’re the best! And they’re still excited to come tomorrow even though they don’t understand any of the talks because they’re all in English.. (; 

But when I asked R what he though/felt, he commented on how much he liked that lots of people talked. He said it’s just the same guy that always talks the whole time at the Catholic Church and he likes the way we do it better. That was just cool for me to see and learn how important it truly is to declare the gospel with more than one witness. As missionaries we have a companion to help make our testimonies stronger and more powerful. By the mouth of two or three witnesses ye shall know them. (:
Sister Tanielu, Jess, Carlo, Jayann, Jerome, Riki, Joy, me, Rany, Ariel

6-9-16 (Sunday)
Sunday we had to go to Urdaneta for church to watch General Conference. And even though it was far away, we were still able to have 10 investigators come to church. YAAAASSSSS! ;D But honestly.. It was the most stressful thing for me and my life. It was insane.. Honestly.. It was hard for me to feel the Spirit because of how irreverent everyone was. 

I swear, people throughout the whole overflow part of the chapel were practically chatting the whole time. And of course that was a bummer for me, because I was so excited for General Conference. Don't get me wrong.. It was still an absolutely wonderful experience, but I wish it was a little more of a happier experience for me. (; I mean, it would still have been a stressful experience for me no matter how reverent people were because I was so worried about our investigators. But I am happy to say, everyone had a great time and once again my week ended with great success. (: