A Tough Week

10-12-16 (Wednesday)
Today was a total party! I had exchanges with Sister Ngatai in our area today while Sister Tanielu and Sister Sanico are in their area. But man.. I love sister Ngatai! She’s just as silly and talkative as I am so our lessons today were awesome! We really got our investigators to talk a lot in our lessons, which I think is better than us always talking so I really enjoyed life today. (: I was also able to get Carlo to finally accept a baptismal date. Haa! It only took five years, but I finally did it! I accomplished the unaccomplishable! ;D But he finally accepted it because even his parents told him they see a better difference in him ever since we started teaching him. (: I just LOVE when people actually realize the blessings that come by trying to understand and come to know the truthfulness of the gospel/our message. (:
Joy and Jayann

10-13-16 (Thursday)
I got emergency transferred to Urdaneta. My new companion is Sister Burton from Lindon, Utah. I actually already know her which I am very grateful for because it’s hard enough being transferred let alone having to get to know your new companion from level zero.  I absolutely LOVED life this last transfer with our investigators in Binalonan.

10-16-16 (Sunday)
Today I experience my first bagyo [typhoon] and not going to lie it was glorious. ;D Because it was just like a normal rainy day but extra windy. So it wasn’t scary or worrisome for me so it was just like a day off work to nap and try my best to mentally and emotionally cheer up from being transferred. So.. Today was very much needed for me.

But last night our Bishop texted us telling us church was going to be cancelled today and I was super bummed because I wanted to take the Sacrament sooo bad! But luckily the bagyo was only Stage 2 so the office Elders came to our apartment for a special Sacrament and I kid you not.. I felt like a million bucks after. Like I literally felt like a new person. Two weeks without the sacrament was waaay too long! [Last week was General Conference] It’s such a blessing to know I’m 100% clean again. I’m all ready for this week now. (:

[Wow! Is this your first typhoon?  We got a letter from President Deyro this morning at 1:30 am (3:30 pm your time I think) telling us that all the missionaries were trained and had 72-hr kits, disaster kits, and 5 gallons of drinking water. Also that housing was all typhoon safe, but some missionaries were moved where flooding may happen.]

Yeah, I'm all good. It honestly wasn't really much different from any other rainy day. But I was told there's supposed to be more tonight. But it really was nothing. Which is a good thing of course but also kind of a bummer. I wanted a fun experience and story to tell. (;

[Typhoon Karen was the first storm. Super Typhoon Haima is forcast to hit the Northern tip of the Philippines on Thursday as a Stage 4. Kels is in the middle of the main island] 

So the other day I was having a pretty bad day. As in.. Ayaw ko mabuhay. Like it was so bad I about chewed out this lady for telling me that what I believe is wrong and the Heavenly Father does not have flesh and bones. She's like "He's just a spirit up in heaven sitting on His throne." And luckily I bit my tongue but in my head I was like.. "If He's just a spirit how is He sitting on a throne?" (; 

Anyway.. Then later that night.. I totally slipped while walking down the street and did a movie perfect biff into a giant pile of mud. And I kid you not.. I laughed so dang hard because that was literally how I felt ALLLL day long! ;D It's ironic how it literally made my day that I fell into a giant puddle of nasty water and mud. Haha.. Patayin ako. ;D