"Boom! Miracle!"

9-27-16 (Monday)
It’s so stinkin’ hawwwt! I’m dying.. But I guess I’m okay with that because when it’s super hot like this I’m never hungry because I drink so much water. So Yeah baby! I’m loosing even more weight! ;D

Anyway.. so today we went to go visit the D family and as we knocked on their gate we saw through the cracks a bunch of people hanging out drinking. Then I saw Tatay hangin out with them and my stomach just dropped. It literally made me sick thinking Tatay was drinking, but once they finally opened the gate to let us in, Tatay was like “don’t worry Sisters! I didn’t drink, I was just visiting with them.” When I heard that my stomach hurt again because I was so relieved! As I was telling him how happy I was to find out he wasn’t actually drinking he then went on to say “no, don’t worry, really, I want to be clean before I’m baptized. And I want to be able to proudly stand in front of God. I don’t drink or smoke anymore, Sister.” I DIED! Oh my word! The emotional roller coaster was real today. But I guess it’s a good thing I’ve always liked roller coasters. ;)

9-27-16 (Tuesday)
Maya, Ranny, Jess, Carlo, Lorenzo, Andy, Melo
Originally I was super excited today because our schedule for today was packed with names! We were going to go teach a lot of people. I was really excited to teach again, but no. They were all drunk.. Aray ko! [ouch!] ;)  But as much of a bummer that is.. At least we know we’re going to have to teach them the Word of Wisdom here real soon. ;) But what was real cool was J, J2, J3, and J4 noticed we kind of didn’t know what to do once we found out everyone was drunk. So they took us around to all of their neighbors that they’re friends with! YAASSS! Now we have 5 new investigators because of them and lots of return appointments! :D It’s kind of sad though knowing investigators help us more than the members. ;) Haha, but oh well, it’s all good in the hood. ;)

9-28-16 (Wednesday)
Well.. I am now a firm believer of “complain and ye shall receive.” Because I sure did complain about how hot it’s been the last couple days, but it finally rained again! Yeaahhh Babbyyy! ;D
Ranny, Me, Sister Tanielu, Carlo, Jess,
 Lorenzo, Andy, Maya, Melo. (:

Anyway.. Today was great! I really enjoyed how things ended up working out. For example we went back to Capas today in hopes to be able to teach [brothers] M and A since they were drunk yesterday. And my word.. They are the two nicest and open men I have ever taught my whole mission. They absolutely loved learning about Joseph Smith. They were so intrigued by the uniqueness of our message and BOOM! We now have two new IBD’s [Investigator with a Baptismal Date] that are incredibly potential! :D

Then.. As we were walking away from M and A’s house we saw D on the street so we started talking to him and ended up meeting C’s older brother R and BOOM! Miracle! I was able to talk to him enough to get him to join our lesson and as we were building trust and relationship at the beginning of our lesson and somehow I got R to open up and he looks me in the eye and says “Sister, I want to change.” Then he talked about how he just left all his friends because he’s done with the life he’s been living. He realizes he’s not happy being around his friends and always drinking. And man.. I just felt for him. I am so excited to help him change his life around. (:

9-29-16 (Thursday)
I never have any idea what to write about! ;D But I will say how impressed I am with how much my Tagalog has improved this transfer. I really do understand people pretty well. Especially when Sister Tanielu and Sister Quijada are telling each other stories. I LOVE that I actually understand people’s stories now! I still have a lot to learn/memorize in order to speak more fluently, but I’m so happy with my improvement these last couple weeks. (: I’m determined to go home as a fluent Tagalog speaker! Haa! Wish me luck! ;D
We had ice cream at President Deyro's house
 after the Women's Conference. (:

9-30-16 (Friday)
Haa! Once again I just had to complain in order to get what I want. ;D Today was GREAT! I honestly LOVE our investigators! I love that I’m getting good enough at Tagalog that I actually have a relationship with people! Like.. people actually talk to ME! They look at ME and ask ME questions now! Not just my companion! SUCCESS! ;D But my favorite part of today would probably be our lesson with M and A E. I kid you not.. They are so elect! They seem so dang interested in our message. Their hearts are wide open. We just have to help them understand the Spirit that is in their hearts. But man. They were so cute today! As we were following up on their commitments, A says “Sisters! We have a friend that’s going to come to church with us on Sunday!” YAAASSS! And the best part is their friend is J2’s dad! :D Freak man! I am SO excited for Sunday! I hope they truly enjoy church and feel the Spirit in great abundance; and come to know this gospel is what they want/need. AHH! I love this work! There’s nothing better than seeing your area just really starting to progress. (:

10-1-16 (Saturday)
Today we got to go to Urdaneta to watch the General Women’s Conference; which was a lot of fun! I always love going to Urdaneta.. Mostly because we have lots of choices where to eat lunch. ;D 

But anyway.. I don’t really have any thoughts about the conference, which is a bummer but it’s true.. Nothing really noteworthy happened for me there. But.. Today while teaching the D’s it hit me hard. They’re not all ready. Nanay, Tatay, and T need more time to prepare for their baptism. But it’s hard because I know how badly they want to get baptized as a family.. But the girls are ready now. Especially R and E.. It’s hard.. I don’t want to make them wait more than they have to, but the rest of the family needs more time. As much as I hate to say it, we’re going to have to push their baptismal date back. 

ALSO! I’m pretty heart broken that this will be my last journal entry in this journal… AHH! This journal and I have such a strong relationship! It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to my baby. ;D

10-2-16 (Sunday)
Also! Even though [Sunday’s] journal entry was too personal to send.. I would like to let you know that we had 13 investigators come to church this week! YAAAASSSS! We're doing so good here. (: