Bagyo Lawin

10-17-16 (Monday)
I saw Sister Tanielu today and she said R didn’t pass his interview because he didn’t know who Joseph Smith was. What in the world, R!? That was the best lesson we taught you! At first it made my stomach hurt that he didn’t pass, but then I became grateful because now he has more time to make sure he’s converted to Christ, not just me. BUT! Jayann and Jess both passed their interviews so they’ll be baptized on Saturday. And even though I won’t be there.. I still count them as my baptisms because I taught them every lesson. (:

10-19-16 (Wednesday)
Tomorrow there’s supposed to be a stage 4 bagyo [typhoon] and I’m actually kind of scared. I don’t know why though because I know I’m completely safe, but I’m still a little nervous; maybe it’s just excitement though.. Haha, I don’t know I guess I am a little excited to see a real bagyo. (;

10-20-16 (Thursday)
I am now a survivor of bagyo Karen and bagyo Lawin. (; Haha, anyway.. Because of bagyo Lawin today we had to stay inside till about 3:00 pm but honestly.. I feel like we could have gone out at normal time because today’s bagyo was just like the last one.. It seemed like another rainy day with extra wind. [Typhoon Lawin hit the northern Philippines at a category 4. Kelsey was about 180 miles south of the eye] Since we had to stay inside all morning and early afternoon playing with our thumbs.. I did A LOT of pondering. 

10-21-16 (Friday)
Today was just a good day. I have realized how much I want to be more obedient with our schedule. Like.. If we get out of the house late and it’s my fault I just feel yucky inside. I don’t know.. I really do want to be exactly obedient. I know how important our obedience is as missionaries.

10-22-16 (Saturday)
The Nicolas Family
Today was great! Ahh man, it was just a nice day for me. In a sense it was just so relaxing. (: Anyways.. I really do like Sister Burton. She LOVES to talk and tell stories, which makes life while walking from house to house a lot more exciting. But for real.. She doesn’t stop talking! Like.. I can never get to bed on time because she’ll just talk to me while I’m trying to write in my journal but by the time she’s done talking at like 10:45, I still need to write in my journal! ;D haha, the struggle is reaaal! But oh well, I’m happy. (:

10-23-16 (Sunday)
Well today was my first time at church with the Urdaneta 2nd Ward and it was great! It was my first time going to church here on my mission in a ward. (; Woo! But honestly my favorite part was MCM [Missionary Correlation Meeting?] I just had a ton of fun with the ward missionaries. We were all joking around and teasing each other and man..! It was just like being at home messing with my best friends. (: But as awesome my first day with the ward was.. It was also my last. Haa! 
I caught Sister Burton playing
 with moms makeup again.

Yeah.. The AP’s called at about 8:30 pm telling me I’m transferring tomorrow morning at 6:45 am. Thaannks for the heads up on time to pack. (; But it’s all good because I never really unpacked when I got here; so it’s all working out pretty good right now. Except.. I will be late once again. (;

Anyway.. Where am I going? Wait for it… 100 ISLANDS! :D I’m pretty excited, not going to lie. It’s a very touristy place so I think that’ll help me call less attention to myself as a big white blond American, because there’s probably lots of Americans that go there. (: But I’m also pretty excited because I’m pretty sure the STL’s [Sister Training Leaders] over the Alaminos Zone are the STLs that live in Aguilar! [Kelsey’s first area] YAAASS! I might be able to go back to Aguilar! :D Oh man, that was my dream ever since I left! :D