Ups and Downs

8-29-16 (Monday)
Today was such a good day! I just had a lot of fun throughout the whole day. (: I love P-Days. I really do. I love getting to email home and hear from my family. I’m excited to see them again. (: 

Elder Paz, Elder Budge, and Elder Kofe
sa likod [in the back]. Haha. (: 
Work today was also super fun! We had a dinner appointment at the D’s because J’s little boy turned 8 months today. I don’t know why, but people here have a party every month until the baby actually turns one years old. But whatever, I’m not complaining.. I got free food. (; We weren’t able to teach them but it ended up okay because we were able to build lots of trust and relationship with them. (: 

But the best of all was teaching the D2 Family! We asked how church was and they all went crazy about how good they felt. They’re already excited for next week! AHH! And R was excited to tell us she read the Book of Mormon. AND! They have all stopped drinking coffee. The only thing left now is Tatay and his addiction to cigarettes. His desire is there. He just needs to have faith in the help God is trying to give him and he’ll be able to quit smoking in no time. (: 

I also printed some Book of Mormon chapters in a big front for Brother B and Sister G to be able to read, which will hopefully be helpful for them. I know there’s power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon! I can’t wait to see their faith grow together as a family! I just love them so dang much and will not ever be happier than the day I see them all get baptized together. (:

8-30-16 (Tuesday)
So.. Yesterday in Sam’s letter [a friend serving in San Diego] he told me that the Filipino Sister in his District told him missionaries in the Philippines are super disobedient and that the Urdaneta Mission might be the most disobedient. He asked me if that was true and I just told him every missionary has their weaknesses, but no.. I don’t think we’re disobedient. But this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about that! I went a little “momma bear” over it while telling sister Diaz and Sister Quijada ;D Like.. I honestly love it here so much it was like knowing someone was talking bad about my child! Haha! I’m pathetic! ;D 

Anyway.. Sister Diaz and I were able to teach 9 lessons today which I am just very proud of. I’d say we did pretty good today and that we’re getting better at weekly planning. (: 

My best friend Kevin Castro. (;
and Sister Diaz
8-31-16 (Wednesday)
Tatay D2 only smoked twice today! :D He has gone from [fade out] (NOOO! My forest green pen just died on me.. I’m pretty sure that’s the first pen I have ever used all the ink my entire life. I can’t decide if I’m sad it died or if I’m proud I was able to use all the ink in a pen. Haha! ;D)

Tatay has gone from smoking an entire pack every single day to two cigarettes a day within 2 weeks! He is doing so good! When Tatay told us that, I about lost it I was so dang happy! I testified of the blessings he will receive because of his faithful diligence and told him he’ll be able to be baptized this year. I truly do believe they’ll all be baptized in October. (:

Also! When we first got there, G was all excited to show us the new white button-up church shirt she bought for Brother B. They’re pretty excited for church again. (: 

Also.. I found out Tatay B’s birthday is the same as Fuzzy’s [a close friend from Tooele] so I’m pretty excited to celebrate with him. The transfer does end on the 14th though and I’m so scared. I don’t want to get transferred right before my birthday [Sept. 19th]. I want to be able to celebrate with people I know, not people I just barely met. But mostly I want to be able to be here for the D2 Family’s baptisms.

9-1-16 (Thursday)
Today was an awesome day that went by really fast actually, but it was more of a thoughtful day than an eventful day. I mean, it was an eventful day with 6 lessons AND weekly planning.. But I was pondering life a bit more than usual today. Everyone tells me I’m a deep thinker, but I never realized that till my mission.

Anyway.. Today I asked P how long it took him to stop smoking before he was baptized, with Brother B in mind.. And well.. I learned a LOT more about P than I expected. I couldn’t help but smile at how much the Atonement has helped him change. The Atonement of Jesus Christ will help anyone and everyone if we simply open our hearts and desire to change. We simply just need faith in Jesus Christ and that will eventually lead us to eternal happiness. (: 
The Pablo Family

Also! I got a package from the Annis Ward AND my birthday package from mom and dad today! I cannot wait to open them! :D

9-2-16 (Friday)
I met and taught Jesus today! It’s true! I shook his hand and everything. (; And in return.. he helped us get 2 new referrals AND taught me how to play Pak-Ganern! ;D

9-3-16 (Saturday)
This morning I opened my package from the Annis Relief Society and found a giant burst of sunshine! ;D [the whole package was yellow] But dang.. Butterfingers.. I haven’t had one of those in forever! Oh man, it was a glorious party in my mouth. That’s all I can say. Haha! Although the Butterfinger was pretty great, I have to say my favorite part was my letter from Shaundel Scott. I don’t know, it was just nice to read a letter from one of my best friend’s mom and feel like I was actually reading a letter from my best friend. (: In her letter she sent me a picture of one of the “KELSEY”s written on the butte and man.. That just made me giggle with a big ole’ smile! That sure brought back a lot of fun memories. (:

Anyway.. Work today was fun and went by really fast, but man..  I got a little more frustrated with the language than usual today.. I just want so badly to be able to express the feelings of my heart! But as frustrated I was with the language.. Today was great and P, J, and G all worked with us this evening so that was nice. (:

Also! Tatay D2 didn’t smoke at all today or yesterday! YAAASS! But.. I guess him stopping so quickly made him have an asthma attack or something like that.. That was hard for me to hear.. I didn’t know what to say to that.. All this time we have been promising him health and strength if he stops smoking and he did.. But had different health problems come up. All we could do was promise the Lord is mindful of him and that in the long run him quitting smoking will all be worth it. 

9-4-16 (Sunday)
I’m a little confused.. Sister Diaz and I taught so many lessons this week and really did a good job at trying to reach the mission’s Stand of Excellence but today none of our investigators came to church. BAAAKIIT!? [Whyyyy!?] 

The Deleon Family
I’m not sure why the D2 Family didn’t come, but I sure hope it’s not because tatay had an asthma attack while trying to do what we told him would help him be healthier/feel the Spirit more abundantly. I don’t want to lose this family! I’ll be so incredibly heart broken if we lose them and their desire. 

BUUUT! On the bright side, Sister Diaz and I fixed the typewriter that’s been in our apartment for who knows how long and you can bet your butt we’re having fun with it! ;D