“Heavenly Father Truly Loves Us”

Elder Geanga
9-5-16 (Monday)
I have so much to say but so little time! Haha, lagi! [as always] Welcome sa aking buhay. [to my life] ;D Anyway! Today ended pretty great! I had a fun AND spiritually filled day! So! Sister Diaz and I went to Capas to see J1 and J2 with J3 as our fellowshipper and trike driver. But in the middle of our lesson she [J3] got a phone call and said she had to go do something at home real quick (something about her kids) but would come back to get us later and take us to the D’s. Well later came and as we went to visit the D2 family because she still hadn’t come back she texted us saying she couldn’t come back! GAAHHH! What the heck!? She left us in a barangay [neighborhood] like 15 minutes away by trike from bayan! At 7:00 pm! Even though it all worked out I’m still going to beat her! What was she thinking!? But yes that was a bit scary and frustrating because there are very few trikes at night in general let alone far away from bayan [town]. I was a little scared we wouldn’t be able to get home on time let alone to the D’s for our appointment. 

As Sister Diaz and I were walking I kept praying we would get a trike fast and be able to go to the D’s and when we got to the highway/main road I told Sister Diaz we should pray. So.. I said a prayer again that we would quickly get a trike. And well… we all know how mindful Heavenly Father is so maybe 2 minutes after our prayer we were able to get a trike! YESSS! :D And when we got to bayan we went to pay the trike driver but he wouldn’t let us because he was going to bayan anyway! Oh my word. What a dang nice guy! I 100% see that whole experience as a total blessing. I kid you not, as we were walking to the D’s house, I felt such a warm feeling come over my heart. I couldn’t help but say “Heavenly Father truly loves us.” (: 
My District: Elder Reyes, Geanga, Tanner, Baniago, Daquioag
Sister Diaz, Me, Quijada, Alinton

THEN! As we got to the D’s I was a little worried we were loosing them because they just weren’t entirely as welcoming again as they usually are. So as we talked.. They’re just having a really hard time financially. That’s also why they couldn’t make it to church because they had no pamasahe [fare]. And even though it’s a bummer they didn’t make it to church, I was so happy to know that’s why. I’m just thrilled the reason was something other than they just didn’t want to.

It’s just hard seeing how people live their lives here and not being able to exactly help them temporally. I think the transaction [she means “transition” :)] back in America is going to be pretty rough for me.
Jess, Rosemarry, Joy, Sister Diaz

9-6-16 (Tuesday)
I’m on exchanges with the STL’s [Sister Training Leaders] in Villasis.. We’re having too much fun and I know Sister Standage would get mad at me if I stayed up late writing in my journal. But I will say that I had a great day! Our lessons so far this week have been very spiritual for me. 

So! We really did have great lessons today! We kept running out of time though because we had a lot of actual appointments, but had to leave Binalonan by 7:00 in order to get here in Villasis before curfew. But man! Our lessons were so good! Lalo Kay [especially for dad] Tatay F! He had lots of great questions that needed sometime to explain, but of course we would have an awesome lesson completely full of the Spirit with him asking awesome questions but also being stressed because we had two more appointments before we had to leave for Villasis. ;D That would happen to us. The one time we actually have appointments is the one time we actually didn’t get punted everywhere. ;D But no worries! It all worked out! (;
Sister Sanico

Anyways.. Tatay’s question was “why is it after baptism people don’t change?” I LOVED THAT QUESTION! It really got me to think. It made me realize how sacred baptism is when it actually counts in heaven. In our church we make sure the ordinance of baptism is sacred and holy. Not just a casual thing. And one way we do that is by making sure people change before their baptism; through faith unto repentance. We need to change our hearts before we can be baptized, not just think because we got baptized “we’re all good now” or “I’ll be different once I come out of the water.” It takes repentance unto baptism not the other way around. So.. Atta boy Tatay! I was the one that was supposed to ask thinking questions.. But nooo..! You had to show me up! (;

9-7-16 (Wednesday)
I had such a great day! It went by sooo fast! I don’t know.. something about not worrying about stats really makes the day more enjoyable.. Anyways.. (; I really did have a lot of fun with Sister Sanico. I feel like our personalities are a lot alike. Although the whole day was spiritual and fun, my favorite part was the insight I realized during companion study. As Sister Sanico and I were reading the White Handbook we read about leaders and their responsibilities. So! We always talk about what we like about what we just read and I shared that like how leaders need to lovingly correct people. Then! Sister Sanico said something about how we’re the leader of our own selves. And BOOM! With what I shared and then having her say that it hit me right in the face that I need to lovingly correct my own self. LOVINGLY is the key word there. I don’t know man, but whatever happened this morning really helped me realize I need to be nice to myself. I need to lovingly correct myself so I can happily and excitedly work/strive to be better. (:

9-8-16 (Thursday)
Well.. Even though I kind of wanted to train again I didn’t get called this week so now I’m still waiting to find out what’s going to happen with next transfer. The suspense is killing me! (; So pretty much I’m all good with whatever! Hopefully I’ll stay that way when/if things get switched up. (:

Anyway.. I finally read some of mom’s email today and it just made me smile and giggle a whole lot. I didn’t get to finish it yet, but man.. It made me realize I really am excited to hangout with her again when I get home. (: 

As for work.. We got to teach the D Family again; which of course is my favorite! Little T prayed for the first time which was so cute! I’m proud of him. (; Tatay B has also stopped smoking. 

9-9-16 (Friday)
Today was just a good easy going happy day for me. (: It wasn’t the best day for work but I didn’t care at all about the stats. I was having fun doing what I knew to be our best. And honestly.. That’s all that matters. I shouldn’t be scared or embarrassed to text our stats to the leaders. As long as we worked hard we shouldn’t be worried about what the leaders say. Of course we’ll try harder and harder every day, but all that matters is that we worked hard that day. Because Heavenly Father knows we worked hard even if our stats don’t say so and that is all that matters. (: 

9-11-16 (Sunday)
We had 9 investigators come to church today! YAAASS! I’d call that success. (; The D’s came (minus T because he wanted to play with his friends.. stinker..) and so did J! Honestly.. I was just so happy at church today. (: Even Tatay P came to church with the fam. And we always teach him on Thursdays and Sundays so I was excited to go teach him today after church. 

Sister C asked a lot of deep questions for not really growing up in the gospel, and I was able to help her out no problem because I also have deep questions and was raised by very spiritually knowledgeable parents that helped me learn enough through my life to know how to carefully address Sister C’s questions about worthiness/repentance/Celestial kingdom. I don’t know.. Me having deep questions was actually a helpful tool for me today! Woo! (; 

Also.. I really, really like Sister Diaz and don’t want either of us to be transferred. I don’t feel like getting to know another companion right now.. Haa.