Stake Conference in Urdaneta with Elder Schmutz of the Seventy

8-22-16 (Monday)
P-Day today was actually relaxing.. That never happens! So with that said.. Today was glorious! (; I really did have such a good day. (:  Nothing really exciting happened, but I was so happy and really enjoyed work. (: Especially when we taught the D Family! We asked Tatay how church was yesterday and all he could say was “maganda” [beautiful] with a big ole’ smile. (: The rest of the family is so excited to come to church next week which makes me so happy! But what’s even better is next week is Stake Conference so their first Sunday at church will be extra special. (: 

Also.. On Saturday I gave them a box of hot chocolate to substitute for coffee and they loved it! They said it didn’t even last more than a day. Hopefully now that they know how much they like hot chocolate they’ll just drink that instead. (:

6-23-16 (Tuesday)
Today was such a fulfilling day! It was just one of those days where I came home with a big smile all ready and excited for tomorrow. (: Even though Sister Diaz wasn’t feeling the best, we still worked hard and had the time of our lives. I was just lucky enough to receive all the extra blessings Heavenly Father was giving Sister Diaz (because she kept working hard while having a headache and throwing up twice) because I just so happen to be her companion. (:

But for real though.. We were so blessed because we were able to contact two referrals that are awesome! Especially E! We ended up being able to teach her whole family, minus one kid, and came out of that lesson like best friends. They were all super receptive to the Spirit and enjoyed our visit.

But.. On a lighter note.. There’s this trike driver that always yells “HIII MOMMY!” when he drives past us and he actually drove us today. So as we were talking he found out I wasn’t married and told me that he thinks we’re soul mates! HAHA! I died! He’s like in his 40’s! But if that’s what it takes for him to come to church, I’ll take it. (;

6-24-16 (Wednesday)
I kid you you not, today was the best day of my life! Today’s story starts with an experience we had last Saturday. So on Saturday Sister Diaz and I felt very strongly we need to change our plans a little bit and go to Mangcasuy and visit the T Family. So. That’s what we did. But when we got there no one was home. To be honest we were both a little confused why we would both feel we needed to go see them then have them be gone. So we decided there must be someone we needed to find somewhere between the T’s and Kat’s house. And the first person we OYM’d said he was from Capas so we asked him if he knew B; because she’s a referral we haven’t been able to find for over a month. And not only did he know her but they’re next door neighbors! 

So. Fast forward to today and we were able to find B’s house. B wasn’t home but we were able to teach her daughter which was awesome! Then after our lesson we asked her if she knew anyone that would also like our message and she’s like “Yeah! R!”, and points to her other neighbor’s house. So sweet! 

We went to go contact her and were able to sit down and visit with her. While we were building trust and relationship and asking questions we found out she doesn’t believe in God anymore. Ever since she gave birth to her second youngest that has a ton of health problems, and is very much a sweet and precious special child, that was the last straw and decided there is no God. And man, as she was talking and we were testifying that there is a God and He loves us immensely, I felt so strongly just how much Heavenly Father truly does love her. Even though she has abandoned Him, He is still right there for her every step of the way. God loves us no matter what. Whether we love Him/believe in Him or not.. He still loves us. 

Then after some other lessons that were great we met the D2 Family. There were probably 25 people all just hangin’ out and when they saw me they all kind of freaked out a bit so I took full advantage of that! “Pwede po kami magpakilala?” [?] And after that and a few pictures they wanted with me, I made a million new best friends and was able to teach a giant family of 13 plus some kapit bahays and asawas.. Sister Diaz and I found 18 new investigators and now have 11 more IBD’s! YAAASSS! Sometimes it’s nice being a big white blonde girl living in a Filipino world. (;

Anyway.. Then we taught the D1 Family, which was awesome of course, and ate dinner with them after. And I kid you not.. It was THE BEST rice I have ever eaten in my entire life! I don’t know man, the texture was literally heavenly. Tatay B sure knows what he’s doing with his rice. So! The moral of the story is.. when you work incredibly hard and talk to everyone you get rewarded with delicious food. (; Haha, joooke!

The moral of the story is referrals literally are the best things on the planet Earth. AND! And follow promptings of the Spirit and don’t get discouraged when you don’t immediately see or understand why you received a certain prompting. When we’re doing all we can to put our trust and efforts in God’s hands.. We will be led to the place we need to be at the perfect time. 

8-25-16 (Thursday)
I’ve noticed now that I don’t take cat naps anymore, I have more energy throughout the day. I don’t know how that works, but it does and I’m not complaining. (: 

Anyway.. not a whole lot happened today. We did weekly planning which was great, but I was so dang restless. I felt like I wanted to go run 30 miles. So when we were finally done it felt pretty good to get up and move around. My goal for today was to be more service oriented so I did all the dishes and cleaned up the house while Sister Diaz cooked. It was fun. Hopefully when I get home I’ll be better at helping mom with the dishes. (;

8-26-16 (Friday)
Missionary work really is missionary Fun. I just really enjoy my day more when we have lots of lessons. Sister Diaz and I have finally figured out how to do OYM lessons; so when we get punted it’s less frustrating because we know how easy it will be to teach their kapit bahay [neighbors]. (: 

Anyway this morning during personal study I couldn’t stop thinking about R and how I can help her feel God’s love., So I ended up studying the Atonement and man.. I LOVE the scripture Alma 7:11. There’s nothing better than knowing there is ALWAYS someone there for you that understands you and your situation perfectly. But.. Even though I spent all morning preparing to help R.. She hid from us. NIICCCE! (; We’ll get her next time though. (; 

But even though she hid from us, we got to teach the D2 Family again which is always a party. Literally.. We teach about 15 people at the same time because the family is so dang big! I don’t know if I’m jealous of their crazy fun family or if it makes me more grateful for my cute little family. ;D Even though they all like to listen and visit with us, I hope at least some of them will actually exercise their faith and keep their commitments. I have hope that they will though so that’s got to count for something, right! (;

8-27-16 (Saturday)
I have absolutely no desire to write in my journal tonight.. ;D Ahh.. kill me. I just want to go to bed. (; I’m starting to realize just how inspired President Deyro truly was when he made my first area Aguilar. Since we had an early curfew I was able to get in the habit of writing in my journal every single night. It’s a good thing I’m determined to keep writing in my journal every night because if I wasn’t .. I’d probably never write in it again. (;

Anyway.. We didn’t do a whole lot today. We had the Blitz in the other Sister’s area this morning which was fun, but it made me grateful for the unity that Sister Diaz and I have. It’s a lot easier to work together when you and your companion are in tune with each other. I mean, being with Sister Quijada was great and a lot of fun! I just didn’t ever know what she wanted me to do. Good thing I’m good at testifying though! That always saves me when I’m lost and don’t know what to do or say. (;

We also went to the adult session of Stake Conference in Urdaneta which was great! Elder Schmutz of the Seventy was there which I was so grateful for because his talk was in English! ;D Oh how I love being able to understand people without having to concentrate/focus super hard. (;

Anyway.. He said something really interesting that I’m really excited to try. He said when we pray.. pray for the Spirit to help you know what to pray for. I don’t know.. that was just so new and foreign for me to think and ponder about. I just feel like if the Spirit helps me know what to pray for.. I will better desire and align with what God knows is best for me. My desires will hopefully be closer to His desires. (;

8-28-16 (Sunday)
Man, today was just full of all kinds of stuff! First! We went to Urdaneta for Stake Conference which was great. But! What was even more great was that the whole D1 Family came! :D All six of them, plus the 3 babies! I was just so dang happy when we saw them pull into the parking lot. (: And to make them coming to church even better.. They were able to meet and talk to Elder Schmutz of the Seventy! I sure hope they were able to feel his power and authority when they shook his hand. (:

I also got to see Elder Budge [from her MTC district]! He’s in my Zone now! :D When I saw him I about died! I just wanted to run up and hug him so bad! I haven’t seen him since my first transfer. Honestly.. I was probably more excited to see him than the D1 Family because seeing Elder Budge was a complete surprise. I guess I like surprises! ;D It was just good to talk to “an old friend.” Elder Budge is one of my favorite people I’ve met on my mission. He’s just a real guy. There’s nothing fake about him. Plus.. He’s from Detroit so that makes him legitimately thugnasty. ;D

I also had to eat a chicken’s foot today. That was one thing I told myself I would never eat. But nooooo, apparently recent converts like to make me squirm by making me eat things that truly should not be eaten. I think it’s times like that that make me grateful I can’t taste. (; It honestly probably tastes like normal chicken, but the psychological part just freaks you out.

I trusted Patrick that it’s good because he graduates from college this year and his major is culinary arts.. so that definitely made it easier to even think about actually giving into peer pressure. (; 

Aaand.. on our way home from the Castros, Gina got stabbed in the foot with bamboo and we ran over a dog.. I literally thought we were all going to die! ;D #trikeadventures