Hump Day!

8-8-16 (Monday)
Today was great! I just really enjoyed my day. (: Elder Baniago is my new District Leader. I’m pretty happy about that! It was nice getting to talk to him again.. But honestly.. I have nothing to say about today. It was just a good day. Even though we had to push back K’s baptismal date because she hasn’t gotten permission yet, it was still a great day. Probably because when Sister Diaz asked K what she would do if her mom says she can’t be baptized and her answer was “oh well, I’ll still come to church.” That just made me happy to know she truly does love Christ’s church and will keep coming even if she can’t be baptized for a while. (:

8-9-16 (Tuesday)
Moooom, daaaad! I made it
 to the Celestial Kingdom! ;D 
So yesterday President Deyro replied to my white letter and asked me if I would try something for him. He asked me to try meditating the missionary purpose, The Successful Missionary section in Preach My Gospel, and think enthusiastic and have a positive attitude about the day ahead of me, THEN say my morning prayer. First, it really made me feel good President wanted me to be one of his guinea pigs for something he would like to implement mission wide. Second! I’m telling you, it was the greatest learning experience today because I simply started my day with an incredibly thoughtful prayer. 

I reflected on everything! And man, I went out to work today so excited! I was ready to convert the whole world! I had the time of my life this morning and early afternoon, but then there was this hour of Sister Diaz and I being punted and denied everywhere we went. We both started getting pretty down but because I was reflecting on our purpose as relentless missionaries in great abundance today.. I made sure we didn’t stop trying and we ended the night with two lessons completely filled with the Spirit that not only helped the investigators, but helped us strengthen our testimonies of missionary work. 

There’s nothing that can cheer you up better than actually having people accept your invitation and help to come unto Christ. (: Like the D family! We have now taught the whole family together except for their one daughter that is married and lives somewhere else. They are so accepting it’s insane! I so hope they really will come to church like they say they will. (:

8-11-16 (Thursday)
HUMP DAAAY! Oh man, I cannot believe I’m half way done. Time goes by so dang fast when you’re not wasting time sitting at home all day. (; Really though.. I can’t believe I left home nine months ago! I cannot wrap my brain around that! I’m glad I’m loving life and time isn’t going by slow, but man! If the next nine months go by that fast I’m not going to like it. I don’t want to leave the Philippines! But apparently everyone knows that because I finally opened my hump day package from home and it had “Happy Condolences, Sister Fivas!” all over it with black balloons and banner paper. Oh man, I was dying! The other sisters didn’t get it but I thought it was hilarious! Who's ever idea that was is a genius! ;D 

It also had a bunch of pictures of my friends and family and that just made me so happy! No joke, everyone looks so grown up now. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m used to seeing little baby faced Filipinos all the time or what.. But man! I’m going to have some serious culture shock when I go home. ;D 

Anyways.. Today was great! It rained incredibly hard almost all day. Like .. I literally got a little freaked out by how the thunder was so loud and strong that you could actually feel your body shake. Then I was like “nahhh, don’t be freaked out, this is cool!” (;  But it was actually cold today. I wore a jacket for the first time. Haa! Something’s wrong with me.. I wore a jacket when it was like 80 F. Maybe this means when I go home I’ll enjoy Lagoon more because the heat won’t make me miserable while standing in lines. ;D

Anyway.. we went to teach a recent convert and part member family today; and we were so blessed to be able to teach the whole family together for the first time! It was wonderful. All the non-members accepted their baptismal date and tatay P seemed very excited to come to church again and bring his kids. I’m just so happy for Sister P! I know she has been praying so hard for the rest of her family to accept the gospel. I really hope tatay and their two oldest will try and come to know the truth. I just know how badly Sister P wants that for her family.

8-12-16 (Friday)
K GOT PERMISSION TO BE BAPTIZED! :D Oh man, I can’t believe it! I am so dang happy for her! She’s more excited than I am and that’s saying a lot because I’m pretty stinkin’ excited! :D

Anyway.. she has her interview tomorrow so we’ll be able to announce that her baptism will be next Saturday during sacrament meeting. I’m not worried about her passing her interview or not because her testimony is insane! Especially for not knowing the gospel very long! She’s so ready. (:

Anywho.. Earlier today I just wasn’t myself. I’ve really been pondering my life and actions while studying the Atonement AND having better morning prayers. Needless to say.. I am now very much aware of my mistakes, shortcomings, and insecurities. I truly am trying my best to shape up and do things more exact, but I swear.. Satan is attacking Sister Diaz and I left and right. We have constantly been tried this week and even though we still have short comings, we’re doing our best to stay positive and obedient. And look! Our diligent and heartfelt efforts are being rewarded by K finally receiving permission to be baptized. (: 

As long as we do our very best, Christ and His Atoning sacrifice will help make up for our imperfections. It’s crazy how wonderfully humbling it is to truly follow Christ. We’re humbled by coming to understand our mistakes and short comings and by coming to know just how much we truly need Christ and His merciful love.

8-13-16 (Saturday)
Well.. K passed her interview! (: She will now be baptized next Saturday. I am absolutely stoked! :D 

And for work.. Oh man, this morning was hilarious! So Sister Diaz and I went to go find some of the people that the Elders taught yesterday during the blitz, which was pretty difficult because it was raining so dang hard.

Anyway.. we were looking for this less-active lady that Elder Reyes told us wants the missionaries to come visit her. So.. after asking a million people where this Mary Jane lady lived no one knew who she was. But while asking this group of guys if they knew where she lived they said no and that they didn’t know who she was. But while Sister Diaz was talking to someone these guys were saying something about “Mary Jane” then they all laughed. And I understood enough to know what they were laughing at; so after we walked away and asked a few more people that didn’t know her.. I finally asked Sister Diaz what Mary Jane’s last name is and she said “Wana”. When I heard her say that I LOST IT! Oh my word I died! We had just wasted like 45-minutes trying to find MaryJaneWana! HAHAHA!

I didn’t realize that’s what Sister Diaz was saying, all those times she asked someone, because of her accent. After I laughed for about 10 minutes straight I had to explain to Sister Diaz that that was definitely not that lady’s real name. She didn’t believe me so I called Elder Reyes to ask him if it was a joke and he said no. Then I explained to Elder Rawlinson and he laughed really hard with me. Then I made him ask Elder Reyes again and he really wasn’t joking.. Oh man, if only that lady knew how well she pulled that joke off! ;D I’m just glad I had Elder Rawlinson there to laugh with me. (; 

That’s probably the thing I miss most about home.. Being around people with my same sense of humor. But then again maybe it’s just me having to spend all my time with girls. While on my mission I have very clearly learned that I am not a girly person. And that I’m pretty different from Filipino girls. I miss having Sister Miller around. She always got my jokes. (;

8-14-16 (Sunday)
Well today was a day full of puntness.. Oh my word, today was rough. The last couple days Sister Diaz and I have been trying to go to our return appointments with OYM’s [Open Your Mouth street contacting] and contacting referrals, but apparently these people don’t exist anymore. I’m telling you.. They are nowhere to be found. It’s been hard for me realizing how badly Sister Diaz and I are struggling with the work. I just don’t know what we’re doing wrong. It’s not like we’re disobedient and just sit around when we should be working, but our stats sure look like that’s what we do. It’s just hard knowing how hard we’re trying but constantly falling short of the Standards of Excellence. 

I am 100% determined to figure out what we need to do differently AND I’m going to be more brave and confident with my Tagalog! And I will be more assertive.. I will turn our OYM’s into lessons if it’s the last thing I do! (; “I don’t stinkin’ care if you’re Inglesia ni Cristo! That just means you need to listen to our message more than ever!” Just you wait.. Sister Diaz and I will have 100 ISM’s next Sunday! WOO baby! ;D 

Also.. Today was freezing! Like I was legitimately snuggled up in my blanket today during studies. So at church I asked our branch Mission Leader what the temperature was because I knew he has a nice phone. It was 85 F! 85 and I was FREEZING! This is not good.. That’s about how hot it gets in Idaho.. I’m going to die when I go home! Haha, that’s it! I really am staying in the Philippines. ;D