Training Sister Alpino

Mom, your a grandma.. I have a baby now! (; Haha, yes I have my new companion and I LOOOOVE her! We're still in Aguilar which means I'll be in my first area till my 9 month mark. I always joke with the members that I'm actually Aguilar mission. (; 

5-9-16 (Monday)

I got to call home today and I loved every second of it!  I'm so glad it ended up working so well!  I was so happy I was able to Skype/talk with Brayden, Sadie, mom, AND dad!  Man, technology is some cool stuff! (;  I'm so grateful I was able to talk with my whole family!  I honestly didn't expect to be able to Skype Brayden and Sadie at the same time as mom and dad.  I'm just so happy it was a fun, upbeat, and happy experience.  I was a little worried it would make me homesick or something, but I'm happy to say it was just a fun time and didn't make me miss my family at all! That sounds bad, but it's actually a good thing.  ;D  

We also didn't have any work today because of the elections going on and apparently that makes everyone go we all got a full-day P-day!  Woo baby! ;D I was probably a lot happier about that than I should have been...It was just so nice to have a whole day to relax and enjoy myself.  Life is so good right now, it really is. (:

Anak ko si Sister Alpino. (: 

5-10-16 (Tuesday)

So last night President Deyro called Sister Standage to be an STL [Sister Training Leader].  I wasn't really surprised.  But anyway... after lunch the AP's [Assistant to the President] came and picked up Sister Standage, so I was in a tri-some with Sister Arquiola and Sister Miller.  I loved every second of it! It was sooo fun!  I hope I have fun like I did today with my anak. (:

5-11-16 (Wednesday)

6 months down baby!  I honestly cannot believe how fast time flies by while on a mission!  I wish school went by this fast. (;  I just can't believe I'm already 1/3 done.. That's crazy to me!  Anyway..I pick up my anak [daughter] tomorrow.  I'm pretty nervous to be training..I'm really worried about having to be in charge of lessons.  I am excited to see the truthfulness of the gift of tongues though.  I hope I can learn the things I'm supposed to be learning quickly.  AHH! The nerves are real! But I'm excited to meet my new companion, it'll be fun, I just know it. (:

5-12-16 (Thursday)

Today I went to Urdaneta and picked up my anak. (:  Her name is Sister Alpino from Leyte.  She's 24 and the cutest girl ever!  She's super magaling [pretty]!  She LOVES to talk to people and she's already better in lessons than I am.  I do like being the trainer though, because I'm less intimidated to speak up and take the lead in teaching.  I don't feel insuperior [I think she means inferior ;)] like I used to.  I'm still really nervous to be training, but I truly believe I will learn so much through this experience.  I'm excited though to have a good friendship with Sister Alpino.  We get along great, but we're still in that awkward I don't now you stage.  Also.. Today Sister Deyro told me I'm getting skinny and I felt like I accomplished the unaccomplishable. ;D

5-13-16 (Friday)

This morning I felt pretty uncomfortable with being a trainer.  I'm not very good at being assertive and having to tell people what to do.  It's just really uncomfortable for me especially when I'm "in charge" of someone 5 years older than me.  Ayaw Ko!  And then we also had to do weekly planning today and I felt so bad..Poor Sister Alpino had to sit there all confused with what was going on for two hours straight.  I hope I can help her learn everything fast.  Although..She's already better at teaching lessons than I am, no joke.  I'm learning so much from her!  I guess the fact that she has a college degree in Elementary Education makes her that much better at making sure people understand our lessons.  She's honestly the best!  I love her so much!  She also LOVES to cook.. I'm super worried she's going to make me gain all my weight back.. AYAW KO!  Anyway..I love Sister Alpino so much and I'm so lucky to have her as my Kasama.

5-14-16 (Saturday)

Today was the national day of service so we got to wear those cool yellow vest things while cleaning the side of the roads.  It was pretty funny to me that our service and vest things made us look like those juvenile kids that have to do community service. It was just funny to me. (;  But it was so fun!  It was kind of nice to be able to "missionary work" without really having to have a conversation with people.. It was a nice little break.  I know.. That's horrible, but it's true.  Also!  Sister Alpino is still the best ever!  She's so good at teaching with the Spirit!  I love her so much!  It's a little awkward for me though, because I have to teach/tell her what to do even though she's 5-years older than me..I'm super uncomfortable with that..I really will learn so much about how to be more assertive with people while I'm training.  I'm grateful Sister Alpino is so easy to talk to though.  I know I can trust her which is a good way to help us with companionship unity.
Sisters Arquiola, Alpino, Miller, Me

5-15-16 (Sunday)

Oh man, today was just awesome!  Sister Alpino and I had SIX investigators come to church today! :D  That's the most ISM's I've had my whole mission, it was glorious!  Hopefully that continues, because this was Sister Alpino's first Sunday in the field and I don't want her to get bummed by finding out that we are usually lucky to have one investigator come to church.  But..After church RJ, Ryan, and JR all left right away but we went to go find them and make sure they didn't leave their cousin Annie and we found them all waiting for her in their trike smoking.  I couldn't help but laugh at how ironic that situation was! ;D "Oh, church is over..let's go smoke!" Haha!  Sister Alpino was fine with it too because we haven't taught them the word of wisdom yet.  But.. RJ used to be an investigator when he lived in Davao, and he knows about the W of W because when we first taught him and Ryan he was like "Ryan get rid of your cig, it's bawal [taboo]." So..when we saw them all smoking RJ just looks at me and smiles like "hehe, sorry..".  I honestly about died.  It was so horrible and ironic I couldn't help but laugh.  It was just super funny to me. (;