Aguilar 2B or Not 2B

February 21, 2016
Sister Cuenca, me, Miller and Ruyeras. 

So.. Once again.. Things have changed on me. I am now only in Aguilar 2A. In the middle of last week President Deyro called Sister Cuenca and I telling us we were having two sisters come live with us again so we could split Aguilar 2 back into two areas. At first I was pretty bummed because I got switched from 2B to 2A so I had to say goodbye to all my investigators for the first time. And the fact that I've had so many things change on me in my first transfer was getting a little frustrating for me. But! Long story short, I LOVE being in Aguilar 2A. 
This is my area.. I'm telling you,
 allllll rice fields.. Haha. 

And.. My new kabahay [roommate] is Sister Miller from Sandy, Utah and Sister Ruyeras the cutest Filipino ever! I LOVE THEM! It's been so fun at night when we're all getting ready for bed. It's also been super nice having Sister Miller help me with my language study because she understands my thought process a lot better than my Filipino companions. The Lord is so mindful. 

It's been such a great experience for me working on the Christlike attribute of humility. I promise you, if we ask in prayer with the intention to ACT upon our answer(s) we WILL receive. Whether it be the help we want or the comfort we need to get through our struggles, we receive the help we desire/need. Halimbawa [For example], we have found 13 new investigators this week because I put more trust in the Lord and was less scared to talk to people in crappy Tagalog. And.. I'm happy to announce that four investigators came to church yesterday and I honestly about died from happiness! That's one of the hardest things to do here is getting people to actually come to church. They may love to listen to the lessons and pray, but they have such a hard time reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church. So I was absolutely thrilled to have not only one investigator come to church, but FOUR! Woo! (: 
Sister Miller and I twinning at church yesterday. (; 

Anyway.. Some fun facts for you.. I saw the biggest snake I have ever seen in my entire life last night! No joke it was HUGE! It could be in a zoo. It was about 3 inches in diameter and AT LEAST three feet long! It was so funny though, Sister Cuenca and I both saw it at the exact same time and did the movie perfect freak out. Haha, we both jumped up and down shaking our arms/hands in front of our faces and then ran backwards for five miles. (; Haha, it was super funny. Also.. I have a cold. HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET A COLD WHEN IT'S CONSTANTLY 95 DEGREES OUTSIDE!? Hindi ko alam man.. Hindi ko alam.. (; [I don't know, man.. I don't know]

[Tell us about Aguilar 2A. How big is the area? Is it more town or country] Aguilar 2A is actually less city than 2B. The rice fields are huge! But man, it is so beautiful! 

Mahal kita! :D [I love you!]

P.S. I really am just busy all the time.  I try and write letters and stuff at night before bed, but I never have time.  I have to do language study, write in my journal, tease all the sisters I live with, and shower. ;)  But yes… Its’ getting so dang hot I have to shower at night and in the morning!

Thank you so much for the package! It made me so dang happy! And I LOVE the family calendar [from Nana]

I don't know these people.. they just wanted to take a picture with me because I'm just so dang maganda! [Beautiful] (; Haha, joke laaaaang! 

Alejandra (the one in the pink square type pattern shirt) is a new investigator that came to church. (:

This cute boy has down syndrome and likes to join in our lessons a lot when we're working near his house. I have no idea what his name is, but here's a cute picture of him. Haha. (;