Aguilar 2B, and Now Aguilar 2A, Too!

P-Day means laundry day
February 15, 2016

So! Today is my first official day of my second transfer! WOOO! :D I'm still with Sister Cuenca (which was a given), and I am SO grateful for that! I love her. Having her as my companion makes my mission just as I always imagined it being. I am so grateful for her and her obedient example. I guess my whole experience on my mission so far has helped me to realize that I can't just ignore impressions because I'm new and don't really know how to do everything yet. But I am now learning that I need to trust myself and my impressions as well. 
Pumping water

Anyway.. Sister Cuenca and I are still in Aguilar 2B, but we actually now have 2A as well.. Yikes! Haha. Our area is HUUUUUGE now! It was huge before, but now it's HUUUUUGE! And I actually love it! There's just that many more people I can help come unto Christ. (: 

Also! Sister Cuenca and I had two baptisms this week! Woo! Yeah baby! :D Luzviminda and  Richard! Their baptisms were absolutely amazing! It's such a rewarding feeling knowing that I was able to fulfill my purpose as a missionary for two more of my brothers and sisters. 

On Friday, the night before Luzviminda's baptism she told me in perfect English (which was a total surprise because she never talked to me in English before) that she was so excited for baptism because it's what opens the gate for her to go to the Celestial Kingdom. When she said that I about died! Man, shes's got life figured out; and her testimony of the Book of Mormon is rock solid. She always talked about how the Book of Mormon is the reason she knew everything we taught her was true. She's the best. (: 
Our kitchen and backyard

And Richard is too, I just don't know him very well because he just had to be re-baptized because he didn't have a baptismal record; so we didn't have to teach him since he's been an active member his whole life. But! I'd say their gift of the Holy Ghost was the best Valentine's gift they could ever receive. (; 

Life is SOOOOO good! I love you all so much! :D

Sister Cuenca, me, Luzviminda, Demi Moore (investigator), Lareina, Maricar (Luzviminda's daughter), Myra Fe

Luzviminda and Richard's baptism