"First World Problems While Living in a Third World Country"

You wish you were in paradise for Christmas. (; 
11-28-16 (Monday)
Today was just a very enjoyable day. I went and got my x-ray. I don’t have the results yet, but if you were wondering it’s only like $8.00 here to get a chest x-ray. How much is an x-ray in America!?

Anyway.. President Deyro came and gave us a special workshop, after our district meeting, about the Christmas Initiative. It was good and all to know exactly what the First Presidency expects of us as members and missionaries to do for this holiday season. It was good to see President though. But it was pretty funny though! He showed us the picture we all took with Elder Cook and he was like “Did you guys know we have a set of twins serving here?” We all just looked at him like “Uhh… no..” Then he points out me and Sister Miller in the picture. Haha, I just laughed. But it’s true everyone in Aguilar thought we were sisters. But what was extra funny is the whole time President kept calling me Sister Miller. :D Haha, it just made me giggle. (:

Another thing! President kept pointing out that Sister Ikafanga is a baptizing machine. I don’t know how many baptisms she had, but it made me think is 13 not that many? I thought I was doing a pretty good job at baptizing lots of people. But either way.. It definitely inspired me. I want President to say things like that about me!

11-29-16 (Tuesday)
Today we had JL meet us at A’s house so he could be our fellowshipper for a lesson, and man.. there’s something about having a member present that makes a lesson ten times better. I’m pretty sure that was the first time I’ve had a spiritual lesson with A this whole transfer. It was just great. (:

But then to make things even better! After A, we went to teach R. And as we were walking to their door you could hear the whole family laughing and teasing each other. Oh my word! That made me SO happy to hear them all having fun together. So when we got to their door R sees us and invites us in and BOOM the happiness I felt in that house was powerful! I couldn’t contain how happy I was to see everyone else so happy! I’m just so happy R and R2 are doing lots better now. (:

The Ines Family
Our lesson was also great because R2 asked us a question about his reading in the Book of Mormon. I’m not entirely sure if he was trying to prove us wrong or not, but I’m still happy he read. (: He wasn’t rude or anything and seemed very sincere with his question, but I’m a little like “I’ve got my eye on you buddy.” (;

Anyway.. His question was why in the restoration movie Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ in a forest, but in the Book of Mormon (Joseph Smith’s testimony) he saw God in his room. So we just explained that he saw Moroni in his room not God. We obviously gave lots of background information before we directly addressed his concern and I think things went pretty good for all of us. (: Then Sister Buna Cruz asked him again to sign the consent form and he told us we would know his answer on Thursday. So.. Fingers crossed! (:
The Mendez Family. (: 

12-1-16 (Thursday)
Well.. we finally got R2 to sign the consent form. R now has her interview tomorrow and if she passes, her baptism will be on Saturday. I mean it’s great and all that we got Tatay’s permission, but I’m not entirely excited about how little time we have to prepare for R’s baptism. It’s just too rushed for me. If I could have it my way I would just make her baptism next week, but Sister Buna Cruz would not be okay with that because she very possibly will be transferred next week. I just hope the members will be there to support her on such short notice. 
12-2-16 (Friday)
Happy Birthday Momma! Sorry I don’t have much to say about today.. Haha. But! R had her baptismal interview FOR TWO AND A HALF HOURS! Haha, that is so Sister R for you. ;D She’s literally the most talkative person on the planet earth. But it doesn’t matter because she passed with flying colors and will now be baptized tomorrow! :D But if R2 doesn’t come I’m going to be pretty bummed. I told him I’ll pay him to give me a haircut if he’d leave work for an hour tomorrow. Hopefully that was a convincer for him. (:

12-3-16 (Saturday)
Today was absolutely crazy! It was literally a roller coaster I’m not entirely sure I enjoyed. (; And on that note… Baptism’s are crazy! There’s nothing worse than a rushed baptism. Gahhh! There was nothing better than finally having the baptism done and over with! ;D Haha, joke. But for real it was stressful.
Riza's Baptism 

But as great as it was witnessing the baptism of R, I couldn’t help but be heartbroken that her husband didn’t come to support her. 

But.. On another note, I got to spend the evening with President and Sister Deyro after “stake” conference. They took us Sisters to dinner and picked up another antibiotic for me. This is my fourth prescription for a stinkin cough! Am I dying! (; [The chest x-ray came back and her lungs are clear. Good news!]

But for real.. It was good to spend time with President, but bad at the same time. It just made me miss dad. I wish I had him here all the time to answer all my questions. And I wish I could hug mom. I guess I just want a big bear hug with my family. I don’t know where these thoughts and feelings are coming from right now. Haha, it must be the drugs I just took. (;
Elder Carpina is in the back, Sister Reyes and Alverasado,
Jhon Rey is in the green, Junior is the little boy,
 Baby Elijah, May Janice, Elder Adeva and Elder Tindoc

President did tell Sister Buna Cruz that she’s transferring. Honestly now I’m scared to see who my new companion will be. I hope she’s a foreigner for some reason. I just want someone to understand me and my not Filipino culture. I just hope she’s someone I can be myself around and not be shy or uncomfortable being myself in lessons or OYM’s. I just want so badly to have fun while working hard. (:

12-4-16 (Sunday)
Today ended great! As in.. I am happy! :D Why? Because Sister Cabahug told Sister Buna Cruz that my companion is going to be Sister Ngatai! :D I kid you not.. If that’s true I might cry. The tears of joy and gratefulness will never end! But let me tell you, if Sister Cabahug was joking I will be heartbroken. But I will keep praying. (:

Also! I got FOUR [Christmas] packages from home! I’m allowed to open two of them now, but I’m hesitant to open it.. I don’t want the excitement and suspense to end. Haha. Maybe I’m actually just waiting to open it for when I’m down again so I have something to cheer me up. (;
Kelsey, JL, He's going on his mission next month to Peru,
Riza, Sister Deyro, Sisters Alverasado, Reyes 

Aaannd! J, J2, AND J3 all passed their baptismal interview! I’m one step closer to baptizing a whole family! (:

Also! The wife of J4 (the man we met while trying to convince R2 at work to let R be baptized) came to church! AHH! The miracles are all around us if we just open our eyes. (: But as a side note.. I still don’t like the stress of baptismal paper work/preparation. Especially when it’s rushed.. Gahhh! The pressure (; Haha.. who knew.. You can still have first world problems while living in a third world country. ;D


What have you heard about our President Elect Trump? What do Filipinos think about Him? I've only really heard that he won. Nothing else..

What kind of work do your investigators do for a living? honestly I don't know.. most are farmers or trike drivers though. One is a barber.. and Josie is like a hotel manager type lady thing. haha I honestly don't know. mostly farmers and drivers.

Justin and Juliana belong to Josie, their grandma.
All three of them will be baptized this week. (:
How common are smart phones/cell phones? Do the kids have them too? umm, I think they're smart phones but there samsung brand so they can't do everything android or iPhones can. but our mission phones are nokia. yeahhhh baby! (; and teenagers usually do, not really kids.

I have to give a short missionary mom moment next Sunday, What is a gospel message you'd like me to share? My message is simple, but very straight forward. It is.. You cannot expect a million dollar answer for a five cent prayer. We need to stop saying prayers and start praying. 

Do you care what photo I include in the Christmas card? No.. I've tried to find a good place to take a Christmas picture, but I haven't really tried super hard. you can pick one that I look pretty in. (; Or if you have an idea I can try and fulfill your vision. (; 

Me: "I just found the Christmas card pic!!!! Thank you!"
That was an unexpected choice. ;D"