Tebag Boys and Girls

6-20-16 (Monday)
I finally did my laundry… There’s nothing worse than spending your p-day doing laundry… It’s my new goal to do laundry more than once a month. ;)

Anyway, today was great! I loved emailing today because I just talked to Brayden the whole time. I sure do love that we have always been so close. He has a big role in my conversion to the gospel and Christ. 

Also… President replied to my letter from last week and he made me feel really good. He said he can really see my spiritual progression and that I’m starting to sound like an apostle’s wife. That’s probably the greatest compliment I could ever receive. I really do believe I’m becoming more and more like the person I should be. My biggest struggle though is I’m not assertive. I’m really bad at telling people what to do. 

6-21-16 (Tuesday)
Today was absolutely wonderful! We had probably the best lesson on my mission so far. It was just perfect and happy in every way. We taught P and K the second half of the Plan of Salvation. It was such a happy lesson to share with them because I knew P’s wife died of cancer. I was able to share the happy truth that his wife is no longer in pain and will have a perfect body free from pain when her spirit and body are reunited. Oh man, he just ate that up. He LOVED the idea of that! And then K asked where her two kids are that died as babies. I was so excited to answer that because 1.) It was to testify that she has the chance to be with them forever and actually get to know them even though they died so soon, and (2.) I actually studied Moroni chapter 8 ALL week last week in personal study which is all about how little children are saved by the mercy and grace of Christ. She loved the idea of being able to be with her little babies again. It was such a happy lesson, it really was. The gospel and doctrine of Christ truly has the answers to ALL of life’s questions and when we study the doctrine of Christ our mouths truly are filled. :) 

Luzviminda (red), Sister Alpino (green), Alejandra, and Susan (behind me)

And… on a lighter note… I let Sister Arquiola do my make up tonight for fun and that was a horrible idea. Now she wants me to wear makeup all the time. NOOO! I honestly think I look insane, but they all think I look like a babe. Even if it’s true… I hate wearing makeup and I’ll stick to my natural beauty for now. ;)

6-23-16 (Thursday)
Today was great! Tatay P finally accepted a baptismal date after we asked him 500 times. There really is power that comes from attending church. His heart has become so soft and hopeful. It’s been such a great experience for me to see the power and hope our message brings to people’s lives. Tatay just LOVES that he can be with his wife again. He really loves her… His eyes tear up when he talks about being with her again. It honestly is the sweetest thing ever. 

Today, while teaching him about temple work, was the day I truly came to know just how important it is and how merciful and loving of a gift it is for every single person; alive or dead. This gospel is perfect. God is perfect. And He truly loves us perfectly. If we just open our eyes and hearts we can gain a better understanding of just how perfectly loving and caring God really is. :) I’m grateful I’ll one day get to know Grandpa Fivas and Grandpa Palmer. I’m excited to know what they’re like. :)

6-24-16 (Friday)
Today I watched Marion and Johnson kill a chicken, then helped them defeather it. It was actually super fun! I was a little scared to help them, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Then I watched Marlon chop it up and a couple hours later I ate it… Haha! I’m a monster! ;D

Honestly I LOVE teaching all these boys and girls here in Tebag [Tebag is a barangay. Like.. A neighborhood. It's actually the barangay I live in]. It’s been SO FUN teaching them in groups and SO HELPFUL because they’re all friends so they fellowship each other; which is good because we don’t usually have members work with us. We’ve had two lessons with a member present all week… I don’t think the members here understand how important it is for them to help fellowship our investigators. But anyway… I LOVE teaching all these people here in Tebag! Like… We’re best friends. I’d totally just hangout with them if I could. But because we’re all such good friends now, sometimes it’s hard to keep our lessons spiritual. I just want to make sure they’re not converted to Sister Alpino and I… They need to be converted to Christ and His doctrine so that when we get transferred they will come to church. But! I do think that because we’re such good friends they all see that you can be religious and a normal person that likes to have fun and joke around at the same time. They are all keeping their commitments and taking the steps to live the Word of Wisdom! I’m just excited to see how things end up for them. :)

Investigators! :D George (wearing black), Wendell (super skinny), Jennifer (dark blue), Julieanne (face only), Bibi (gray), Roshelle (flowery dress in front of Julie) and other kids from Tebag that aren't yet 8. (;
6-25-16 (Saturday)
Today was a lot of fun. I’m not entirely sure why, but it was just a fun happy day. :) I finally got to meet D’s parents today. I’ve been teaching him for 5 months now and I’ve never even seen them before. His parents are super beautiful… I now understand why D is so attractive. ;D 

Also! I’m pretty sure my dreams are in Tagalog now… WOO! I just remember waking up suddenly and remembering that in my mind I was trying to figure out how to say something in Tagalog. I feel like that’s the greatest accomplishment of my life. ;)

We also got to go to Sister Miller and Sister Arquiola’s baptism for Brother Boyet. We’re not allowed to go to other missionary’s baptisms unless we have an investigator come with us. Luckily G and J are the best and made 3 of our other investigators come with them. So we were more than allowed to go to Brother Boyet’s baptism; which I am so happy about because he was my investigator when I was with Sister Cuenca. :) I’m so happy he finally made the choice to be baptized and join the church he knows to be true. :) Life’s great!

I successfully survived another transfer and will officially be in my first area till I’m 8 days away from my 9 month mark. I’ll be in my first area for half my mission! ;D It’s a good thing I love it here! ;)

6-26-16 (Sunday)
Today actually went by super fast! I used to hate Sundays, but now I really enjoy church and the different meetings we have on Sundays. But I’m sure I enjoy them so much lately because we have lots of investigators that come to church now. :) We had 8 investigators come to church again! Woo baby! I’m absolutely LOVING life with Sister Alpino in Aguilar 2B! Work this transfer has just been so fulfilling! Ang ganda ng buhay! [Life is beautiful!] ;) 

Anyway… so we taught this one boy at church today because we’ve always talked to him on the street with all the other Tebag boys, but had never taught him before. I only knew him by 187. That’s just the name all his friends call him, so that’s what I’ve always known him as. But I found out his name is really Wendell. ;D For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like calling him Wendell, but I finally figured it out. It’s because it reminds me of the evil monster on Monster’s Inc. named Randal! Haha! I’ll stick with calling him 187. ;D