My first time having Jollibee!
It's like their McDonald's here.
Even though they actually have McDonald's. Haha.
January 24, 2016

So! This week really was uneventful.. Sister Luzviminda is our only progressing investigator. I absolutely LOVE her. Even though we can barely understand each other I'd say we're best friends. (; She came to church for the second time which is GREAT! Here in the Philippines, an investigator has to come to church for four consecutive weeks before they can be baptized. Which means if they come for three and miss the fourth, we have to start all over and wait another four weeks.. If that happens I'll probably go crazy. But! I truly believe her heart is being converted to Jesus Christ and His gospel; so I'm not too worried about her not coming to church. It also helps because her daughter Maricar is a member which makes Luzviminda have a great fellowshipper. (; 

This week is Relentless Week which means our work will be pushed to the limit. Everyday and night we will get surprise calls from the Zone and District Leaders checking our progress and how we're doing on our daily goals*. And then on Friday we have blitz where the whole District works in one area while doing exchanges and will do street contacting (OYMs which stands for Open your mouth). Lucky for Sister Latorre and I, our District Leader, Elder Smith, chose our area. So we'll hopefully get a whole bunch of new investigators this week. (: 

You should be more worried about me
 having to cross bridges like this than my health. ;D
[Do you have running water?] Yes, I have running water. Haha. I've been told that the bahay I live in is one of the best in the mission; and I believe it because it's actually really fancy and pretty big. It's got three rooms, a bathroom, a sink, and a living room. We have to do all our cooking outside like you would while camping, but we do have air conditioning in two of the rooms! Too bad the other sisters have BOTH of them. Stinkers.. But! I've actually been really surprised at the fact I'm usually not hot.. It's definitely not cold here, but I don't exactly get hot which I am SOOOO thankful for. 

[How often do you eat at home?] We eat at home every once'n a while, but honestly.. We usually just skip lunch and dinner if a member doesn't feed us. I'd say I eat about a meal and a half everyday. I'm not complaining though.. 1. I'm actually not ever really hungry. 2. I'm definitely losing weight. (; Which is good because I'm tired of everyone telling me I'm fat. And Tyrel lied.. It's definitely not a compliment. Haha. I even had a lady tell me I would be so much more beautiful if I was skinnier. OUCH. Whatever though, I guess it's just motivation to work harder so I can be more "beautiful." 

*[What are your daily goals?]  Depends on the day.. Like 5 lessons with members present, 3 other lessons taught, 2 less active, Member visits. Stuff like that.

[Did you go to the World Wide Missionary Broadcast?] No, I don't even know what that is. Sorry. 

[President Deyro must have recorded it and is saving it to play. It was last Wednesday. Elder Anderson and Elder Oats spoke.] Wait! Then yes! I did this morning! I just thought it was an old devotional we were watching as a zone for the start of our Relentless Week thing. HAHAHa, my bad. Yeah, I watched it. It was VERY helpful! You should watch it sometime too. 

[Did that fact get lost in translation? haha.  How is the language study?] I'm glad you said that.. YES! I NEVER know what's going on. I swear Filipinos don't know how to use their words. It actually drives me crazy but hopefully I'll get used to it. The language is rough.. I honestly hate the language barrier. I can't understand anyone so I can't ever discern their needs. I also have a problem with not paying attention to what's being said.. My brain just thinks "oh you can't understand anyway.. You might as well just think about some random thing that happened earlier" It's a real problem.. I've been told everyone has the same problem with not staying focused when they are learning a language, but its frustrating for me. I just can't wait till I finally have the mission life figured out. President Cook [our Stake President] was right.. I NEED to be patient with myself. 

Also! Tell Telisha I got her letter and about DIED when I got a letter in the Philippines! It made me SOOOOO HAPPY! [This letter was a regular 2-page letter she sent to the mission home.  It was $1.20 and took around 2-weeks. Not bad!] Also..

I love you guys more than you'll ever know. I miss you a lot, but it's a blessing I can love and miss you so much but never be homesick. That truly is a blessing. (:

I had to eat balut again.. Brother Villenueva is a dirty sneaky man. (; Haha. Once we sat down to eat dinner he left and bought me balut.. Haha, it was super funny!
[Did it taste better this time?] Yes is did actually.. But this time I could feel the feathers.. That was nasty. ;D

Sister Ortega
[Is she part of your tri-panionship?]
Yes, she was. But now she's not. She got a new companion. But she's still me kabahay. (;
(She lives with me)
[Who's the new 4th Sister in your house?]
Sister Alfonoso. She's a short-term missionary. So she'll only serve a mission for this transfer.
[What's a short-term missionary?]  There's just a need for missionaries in the Philippines so a lot of people here serve a mission for a transfer or two to help them prepare for a full-time mission. They live in the mission boundaries but not the area boundaries. 
It's pretty cool I'd say. It's a better learning experience than the MTC. HAHA.