Welcome, Sister Fivas, to the Provo MTC!

"​Sister Murray is in yellow
 and Sister Sulunga.
November 14, 2015

Hi guys.. I've been doing super awesome! The first two days I absolutely loved! I just liked how everyone would say hi to me and my companion because we had our little pink stickers on our name tags telling all the other missionaries to welcome us to the MTC. I'm sure some people think it's annoying, but I liked all the attention. (; 

My companion's name is Sister Murray and she is so fun. She's from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She's a little older in life than me even though she's only 20. I just graduated high school this year and she just finished her 2nd year of college at BYU. I don't know a whole lot about her interests and stuff like that, but our personalities go together really good. We definitely have a fun time together. (: We're the only sisters in our district which is actually kind of fun. I like hanging out with the Elders. 

My zone is awesome too! I pretty much just get a long with everyone really well, and they all think I'm funny which makes me really happy. (: Also! My Sister Training Leader is actually one of my friends that I went to school with up in Rigby! How awesome is that!? I automatically had a real friend when I arrived at the MTC. I must be living right or something. (; 

Well.. Like I said, the first two days were great! But yesterday it finally hit me that I absolutely hate sitting in a dang classroom literally ALL day. And it doesn't help that EVERY single class is 100% in Tagalog. I know that'll really help me in the long run, but it's a little frustrating spending my whole day "learning" in a language I don't understand yet. It's all good though because when it's lunch and dinner time I always have a blast. You know me.. (; 

The food is pretty good as far as I can tell. [Kels lost her sense of smell and most of her sense of taste due to her head injury in August] There's this macaroni salad thing that I really like and luckily it's something they have pretty much everyday for lunch and dinner! Woo! Of course my favorite food is one of the most unhealthy ones. (; I never go for seconds though so hopefully that'll keep me from gaining any weight. 

[Did you get your shampoo? haha] I got your package with all the soaps and toothpaste in it.. THANK YOU! Those were things I kind of needed. (; [she got her liquids taken from her carry-on at the airport. oops!] 

[Are you getting enough sleep? [Her head injury required extra sleep in the healing process] I do get enough sleep to function all day, but by the time it's 10:30 I'm ready for bed big time! 

[How is your language class?] Like I said earlier language class is class.. Haha. Honestly it's all language study. Even when my teacher Sister Bates is teaching us it's never about how to teach lessons. It's mostly how to form a sentence and memorizing words. I'm having a really hard time memorizing words but I'm sure I'll get better at it eventually. Yesterday I had my very first lesson with our investigator and I really enjoyed it. I mean, he "didn't understand" most of it, but I liked what we were able to say in Tagalog and how we prepared for our lesson. Sister Murray did most of the talking and she didn't love that, but now I know to talk even if its not in Tagalog to make her feel more comfortable. 

Today my zone went to the temple and I really liked that! I thought it was a lot of fun, I really did. We ate there at the cafeteria and I didn't like that because I had to pay with my real money when I could have just eaten all I wanted for free at the MTC. But whatever, my omelet was good. While we were walking back from the temple there were two bucks walking through the MTC soccer field. It was so bizarre! I tried to take a picture but it wasn't the best. 

I really am having a great time here though! I haven't been getting homesick which I am SO thankful for! Heavenly Father really does answer prayers. If he didn't I'd be like a crying baby wanting my dang parents. I still do miss you mom and dad, but it hasn't been causing me any problems which is so good because that means I'm staying happy! Also! I've seen lots of friends from home here too! I've seen Sister Selina Handley  and Sister Kylie Park and Sister Madeline Miller from Tooele! And Elder Shawn Justesen and Sister Lindy Romrell (my Sister Training Leader) from Rigby! (: 

[Do you need anything?] And.. So far on my list of needs is a short extension cord so I can use my fan, a water bottle (preferably the ISU one with the straw thing in it, if not anything else works), and my patriarchal blessing. I love you guys so much and I hope you're all staying happy! Especially you Abby.. Miss "Graduated From High School!" You go Glen Coco! 

I can't figure out how to send pictures.. Sorry. I'll try and figure it out though! LOVE YOU!

P.S. Oh! And yes! I have hand, mouth, and foot disease. There's nothing I can do about it, but my sore throat is gone and that's all I really cared about. The sores on my hands have gone down a lot too, but they never really bothered me a whole bunch. (: